“If you quit ONCE it becomes a habit. Never quit!” ― Michael Jordan

I made it through the 3rd week! Well, barely!


There were a few times I came very close to taking a few bites of meat.

Yes, I was allured and enticed during the Chinese/Vietnamese New Year celebration. It was very tough! I don’t know which one is the worse of the two, seeing or smelling the food in my face. The aroma of each dish was insanely mind bothering. I could tell by the smell which dishes my mom was preparing.

Smelling and seeing the food right in front of my eyes were the real tests. Yes, that went on for a good four days for me. It was much harder when each dish was my favorite too.

Had you ever been teased when someone hold a plateful of your favorite food under your nose? All you could do just looked and smelled.

If you were to put a piece of nice juicy steak at a five star restaurant in front of me right now, I would shrug off my shoulder and go on my business.

You see, it wasn’t all about the meat that made me wanted to eat it. It was more of the flavor of each dish. I know the texture and how a certain dish would taste. The memories I had eating with friends and family all my life.

If you are familiar with South East Asia food, the flavor is so delicate and very unique. And to top that with Mom’s homemade cousin, now it is more serious. That makes me wonder if that’s the reasons why some people loose themselves for food.



I was able to stop myself when I questioned myself, “What? I give up just after two weeks! Why did I start in the first place?”

By answering those questions, I got me out of the crazy temptation. I didn’t start this diet to end after two weeks. My goal is for 100 days. For me to give in after two weeks, it wasn’t my intention at the start.

By focusing on the end of 100 days in mind of what I want to accomplish, my mind snapped out of the mood quick.


I feel my body is still adjusting to this new eating routine. My energy level is still amazing. I feel great. This could be because I get enough sleep and rest. In addition, I keep eating enough.

My mom and other people concern that my body gets weak just eating vegetable. When I told them I am feeling normal, they are at ease.

So far it has been consistent since the begin of the challenge that I get hungry more often. This week, I noticed that when I was so busy, I didn’t feel hungry. But as soon as I had free time, I felt hungry.


I’m amazed with how tasty vegetables can be. I always like vegetable, but I had never before eating them days after days without meat. I thought it is the meat that gives flavor to the vegetable wholesome taste. That is not accurate. No wonder cows like to eat grass. 🙂 Yes, from where I came from, we only fed grass to the cows. It’s not so in this country. That is another entire different topic.


Going through last week made me think of my Dad. He had lived a great life before the war. Dad wrote a letter on his deathbed wishing to eat some of his favorite foods before he died. My mom always made his favorite dishes every major occasions.

More and more everyday because of the foods choices I have living in this great melting pot community, I become aware of how I can be so easily become addicted to food. Food addition is one of the silent killers in our modern society.

This is one my major reason I’m doing the 100 days challenge. You might have heard of the saying, “Eat to live. Not live to eat.”

I understand more now than before why so many people fail with dieting to lose weight or to stop certain addictions. It can be very difficult.

The mental discipline is the enemy and the stopper. It is so easy to just quit!

Whatever challenge you are facing or working hard to overcome, just keep on hanging on.

“Age wrinkles the body; quitting wrinkles the soul.” ― Douglas MacArthur

What kind of food is on my mind?
If one food type I think about, it is the fish prepared in Cambodian Asian styles.

Will I make it to week for four? Or will I give in to grilled fish with pickles?

Stay tune for week update…

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