I’m Neary Heng.

You deserve to enjoy harmony moments every day, and my job is to help you get there.

I’m a storyteller, an author of Amazon bestseller book, FROM INTERNMENT TO FULFILLMENT: How To Shift Into Peace, Purpose & Prosperity Against All Odds, entrepreneur, a Podcast host and spiritual person.

As a multicultural person, you already have an inherent advantage, the heritage identity that only you can have.

After living in America for decades, I’ve noticed three challenges:

    1. First-generation immigrants or refugees struggle to adjust to new laws and cultures different from their heritage and cultures.
    2. Second-generation immigrants (children born to first-generation immigrants or refugees) want to detach from their roots: The foreign language, the religion, the family customs and traditions. In the efforts to blend in the mainstream culture, for career opportunities and social acceptance, they feel the pressure to learn English and many decide to lose their native language.
    3. Third-generations immigrants are curious about their traditions and ancestries. Their parents wish to forget, but they wish to learn their roots, remember and honor.

So I created NearyHeng.com. This is the place where you’re — a former refugee/immigrant business owner or wanting to become an entrepreneur comes for assurance, tools, tips, strategies, inspiration, exclusive marketing and more.

How My Work Will Benefit You

Seriously, who are you?

And what do you do to create your harmony every day?

The core question I explore through my work is:

How can we live in harmony?

I focus on topics like:

      • Who are you?
      • How to create and enjoy a harmonious life.
      • What to do so that harmony comes more easily.
      • Why you cannot forget your lineage.
      • How to survive during crisis situations.
      • How to simplify your life and enjoy an addiction-free life.
      • How to not let your mind control you so that you’d be the proud leader of it.
      • How to be resilient regardless of your environment in the present moment.
      • How to keep your mind and body healthy.
      • Why spiritual and intellectual growth is vital in your life.

And much more… I speak and write about how to put these principles into easy and simple practices in daily life. Most of the concepts are my own lessons learned and are time-tested experiences that I’d discovered and saved my life. 

In addition, I share insights and stories of amazing people from all walks of life: Technology, health care, spiritual, education and social services, arts and communications, business, finance, architecture, science and more. 

I explain them in a way that is resonated with you, action-driven and easy-to-understand.

I like the idea of sharing, and I quote Buddha, “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Compassion, peace, freedom and happiness of all beings progress by adding layer upon layer of wisdom from our heritages and cultures. We all benefit from the rich insights of our ancestors. I’m just doing my share to add a fraction of wisdom to the archive by creating this website and sharing my work.

I’m not a sage. I don’t claim to have all the answers and still have so much to learn. But I’m compassionated to share what I’ve discovered and learned from others along my journey. My work isn’t the only way to enjoy life, but what works for me. It’s brought me a lot of harmony moments. Hopefully, you’ll apply it and find it useful as well.

You can create an easier harmony life when you own your truth culture heritage and lineage.

You’re likely facing extra challenges starting a new life in a foreign country, let alone owning a business if you immigrated from another country to America where everything is the opposite from how you were raised.

Despite your fears, unfair treatments, feeling out of place, overwhelmed and humiliated, your determination to have the freedom and a better future for yourself and your family is strong like a mountain!

You want to give back to humanity, too.

And you want the joy of life and peace of mind.

Now, we’ve acquired the external materials. What’s stopping us from our joy of life and peace of mind isn’t the other people, the ability to communicate, or the lack of will. We’re so concern trying to please other people so that we could achieve our materials wealth that we cut off our roots and therefore relevant to us. We undervalue the power of our own cultures and heritages,

We were created to look differently (not for discrimination) so that we can identify each other. Underneath our skin tones, regardless of where we came from geographically or what other people labeled us, we’re compassionate and peace-loving people with the same basic needs to survive.

Now, you could sit in the most powerful position, live in a beautiful castle, and have all the money in the world! But if you’re unable to enjoy it, no freedoms, live in a pretend and chaotic life, then what’s the purpose of your life?

We want an abundance of lifestyle fills with many harmony moments. It’s possible that we could have both the inner and external materials’ wealth.

I’ve Been There, Too…

Back in 1975, when I was a bony child labor working in the Killing Fields during the Khmer Rouge communist regime in Cambodia, starting at 5 years old, all my freedoms were ripped off from me!

1979, Cambodia was invaded by communist Vietnamese soldiers. That set the country into a civil war. My family and I risked our lives to escape our beloved motherland to refugee camps in Thailand in the hope to get away from war and violence. We wanted freedom and a better life❣️

In most of my 21 years of life, I was a prisoner without walls. After arriving in America with my family hopeful with big dreams and spoke no English, I’m proud to stand firm in myself:

      • A college graduated
      • A storyteller
      • An Amazon bestseller author book, FROM INTERNMENT TO FULFILLMENT: How To Shift Into Peace, Purpose & Prosperity Against All Odds.
      • A creator of NearyHeng.com
      • A creator and host of The Paradise Within Podcast radio. I make it available for amazing people from all walks of life to share their inspiring stories on how they overcame their challenges to become successful and happy people being themselves. It’s touched many people in 56 countries and counting.
      • An entrepreneur

What does this mean for you?

Simple: If this petite, jungle, introvert, former refugee woman can do it, you can do better!

One of the things I’m often asked is, “How in the world did you get to where you are today after what you had gone through and still love life?”

After training in a few toughest internment boot camps, I realized life is very precious. I was gifted to see the end of life. I’ve been extremely curious about what makes us who we are. Specifically, I want to know:  What do people do to enjoy a fulfilling life in the long term while helping other people enjoy the same too and more?

I’m a freedom lover, a peacemaker, want to put smiles on people’s faces and like healthy.

I’ve tough shitty days, get smeared in fear and makes mistakes, just like other beings. But I want you to experience living a harmonious life for yourself❣️ So please, don’t expect perfect English or everything perfect. I’ll never be a perfectionist. But do expect thought-provoking ideas, timeless wisdom, some goofing off behaviors, and serious commitment to helping you enjoy a meaningful and higher form of loving life — harmony. It’s truly amazing experiences and feelings.

I’m so blessed that I’m living my dream. If this is your dream also, maybe I can help or at least be an inspiration. Because you are worthy to live a harmony life❣️

This philosophy, perseverance, hard work, a student of life, luck and divine interventions have led me to some wise mentors.

David M.Corbin, 3 time best-selling author, hall of fame speaker, inventor & mentor

 “Authenticity, humor and wise insight…these are qualities that jump out when you listen to Neary Heng speak…either one on one or sitting in her audience. Neary is the real deal because she’s been through so many unique and challenging life experiences and she’s developed life enhancing strategies that work…not just for her but which can be successfully implemented by anyone. I particularly enjoyed some of her stories from early childhood. When Neary speaks I listen. Check her out!

Gail Larsen, author and teacher, Transformational Speaking:  If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story

Neary Heng’s strength and resilience come through in each word she speaks and every story she tells. Her delight in life is an inspiration to her audiences as she helps them look at the prisons they have created and navigate a new way. We all have something to learn from this powerful woman who early on learned to trust her instincts.  She once used that capacity for the most basic physical survival; now she uses it to make wise choices so that each day will be the heaven she always knew was possible.”

Ron Klein, The Grandfather of Possibility, Inventor of the magnetic stripe on credit cards

Making up products for market, inventing them and inventing services has been relatively easy in my 40+year career. I don’t see problems, I see challenges. Neary and I are on the same page here. When confronted with challenges, even at a very early age, she rises to the occasion and does so very effectively…

From them and many other great people, I continue to learn new skills every day and expand my own wisdom about what it really means to live a harmonious life.

Thank you for taking your time to visit. I’m excited that we’re connected, and I look forward to smelling the roses on the journey ahead.

Let us experience peace, freedom and harmony, together!

Neary Heng