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If you want more clients from the Internet …Consistently. We can definitely help. Experience the difference and see why this is better than anything else you might have tried before.


The best place to start is with my book based on a true story of child labor in a war zone. It shows you how to overcome fear, self-doubts, and overwhelm. Empower your resilience, achieve your dreams, and help others.



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Want To overcome fear, self-doubts or overwhelm and want to gain resilience, fulfill your dreams and harmony…

and help people at the same time?

You need to read my book based on a true story as a child labor in a war zone.



“Even as a young girl, Neary knew that every adversity carried what with it a lesson of opportunity. What an inspiration she is to convert so many obstacles into positive life lessons. Read them and apply them.”

Ed Bogle

Master Strategist, Author of Focus Strategy for Success

“Neary’s stories are nothing short of miraculous. The lessons she teaches overlap with some of what I discovered in co- founding the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I just wish this book was available way back then!”

Frank Shankwitz

Co-Founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation

“I faced so many obstacles on the way to competing in four Winter Olympic Games. I truly wish I had read Neary Heng’s S.B.C.I.A. strategy early on my Olympic journey. Success really does require an element of stubbornness.”

Ruben Gonzalez

Olympian, Author, SpeakerCo-Founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation

From WTF to OMG, with a Little LOL: Unpacking Life’s Hidden Lessons

“Obligated Boastful Remark”, Beside An Older Photo Where I Look polished, Younger And thinner with black hair Than I Naturally Am:

Well, the lady in the magenta dress is me… over a year ago. But don’t expect me to glam up for new pictures. I’m older, wiser, and more well-aged now. ❤️

As a dreamer, I achieved my goals, but communication skills and social butterfly were not in my vision. Despite that, I learned to adapt and overcome (somewhat) it.

Dreamers like us do things to make our dreams come true…sometimes without the paved roads, somehow. 🙂

Just like Viktor E. Frankl said, “Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.”

You see…

I was a bony child laborer in the rice field and constantly starving all the time during the Khmer Rouge genocide regime, losing all my freedoms. Dwelling on it won’t help us!

If you’re curious if we’re a good match, read my book, listen and watch my YouTube/podcast.

If it helps you, we’re probably a good fit. If not, that’s positively OK too!