Have you ever been harmonized for now?

How about now in this present moment?

A harmony moment is when the integral multiple of connections between your inner truths and your external elements, together, are having fun in an exotic party that only YOU could experience it.

For you who love harmony in the present moment in your life (healthy, freedom, peace of mind and wealth), and you who are thinking to welcome them. 

For you who are curious and want to travel an unconventional journey from dependent to deep emotionally and intellectually independent. 

For you who have compassion, empathy and a big heart to gift because you’re solving the challenges to them. 

For you who want a meaningful life purpose and have some fun, too. 

For you who are grown up and willing to accept the truths. You know the truths rooted deep within your ancestors and you.

NearyHeng.com and my book is meant to guide you back to your own wisdom and the treasures of the wisdom you’ve inherited from your ancestors, but you might be not aware…yet…

Where you came from,

Who you are now and

Who you want to be. Beliefs, real-life experiences and stories. 


I tell stories and write about the connections to create and live a harmony living. I tell stories to provoke and challenge ourselves so that we can see and feel what our possibilities are. I tell stories because I’m feeling blessed, giving back to humanity, frustrated, and spreading the joy of living. Writing and storytelling is a way of fulfilling my life purpose to enjoy and harmonized my life.

And I’m using my voice and other people’s voices to move you to take the same actions, too.

From ancestors spring self.

From acknowledgment of truths springs grief.

From attachment springs fear.

From she who is grounding free from attachment, there is no grief much less fear.

From no grief and less fear springs hope.

From hope springs resilience.

From hope and resilience spring many possibilities.

From you springs harmonious life in the present moment.

I can go on and on, but I need to stop here. 

You deserve to experience your harmonious living, too. You are your own harmonic moments in life. Yes, all fingers are pointing at your own intelligence and wisdom that you have in your possessions.

I don’t have a quick fix. I’ve just some very expensive personal and professional lessons learned experiences and still learning that you may connect with.

I’m harmonized now. 

I’m harmonized for the present moment.

I’m glad you’re here with me.

Harmony now is good. 

Harmony in the present moment is to be.

Connect with me if you need to harmonize your present moment. I’m committed to humanity and sharing at this moment…

> When life is unkind to you.

> When you feel hopeless, alone and no one seems to understand you. 

> When you’re happy with your life and want to be happier.

> When you want to challenge yourself to be more…You’ll be surprised how amazing you could be!

> When you’re ready to explore a new path and harmonize your life… Starting now

Let’s connect:

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