The Most Valuable Habits We Can Have for The Powerful And Loving Mother

Let’s learn how to make simple, everyday choices that can help protect our Mother Earth because we and the next generations livelihood depend on her.

All living and the non-living beings have done the unthinkable and merciless acts to you.

We can’t put into words and imagine what have been done to you.

Mother Earth, you’ve been digged, drilled and shoveled into.

You’ve been peed, pooped, spitted, stumped and kicked on.

You’ve been bombed at.

Many human beings have taken you for granted.

Still, you endure many of unfriendly and unloving behaviours.

And still relentlessly, you give life unconditionally to ALL.

You’re the Mother who has always been the provider for her children.

Your empathy resavior is always full, and you pour it into our hearts and souls.

You’re the Mother who loves her children with no boundaries.

Thank you for being our Mother❣

We can’t do and give what Mother Earth has been done for us.

But wait…

You know…

You have the power to do something for her…

We all do!

Let’s celebrate by learning to be the conscious beings simplify our every choices with good intentions and give her just a little more love, kindness, empathy caring and respect for our Mother daily so that all of US could enjoy her beauty and the love she has for us even more…

Happy Earth Day, April 22❣