We had been called the fools. And we’d called someone a fool whether in our heads or verbally in our lifetime.

The true is that we’ve seen and lived with many fools many times than we realized.

Maybe, just maybe, we are living with one right now.

Who is a fool, really?

I never looked up in a dictionary for its meaning until now. In case you wonder, here is the meaning of “fool” according to Google:


A person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person.

Informal: A person devoted to a particular activity.

NOUN BRITISH: A cold dessert made of pureed fruit mixed or served with cream or custard.


Fool; 3rd person present: fools; past tense: fooled; past participle: fooled; gerund or present participle: fooling

Trick or deceive (someone); dupe.


deceive, trick, hoax, dupe, take in, mislead, delude, hoodwink, sucker, bluff, gull; More

    • act in a joking, frivolous, or teasing way.

    • engage in casual or extramarital sexual activity.




buttheadnumbskull, numbnuts, dunderheadthickheadairhead,
scissorbill, jughead, jerkdonkeytwitgoatdorktwerplamerschmuck,
schlemielsapmeatballdumb cluckmook;
vulgar slangasshat

After reading through the definitions and synonyms, it made me wondered who defined those words in the first place.

Anyway, depending on who judges us, our views, or how we feel in the moment, the meaning of a fool may vary.

A fool who believes her voice doesn’t matter.
A fool who makes her voice heard.

A fool who buries deep in fears and ashamed, but she is a fighter and determines to find a solution.
A fool who has scars, and she wants to be free from them all.

A fool who feels free while sitting in a prison as a prisoner.
A fool who feels she’s a prisoner while living in a palace as a princess.

A fool who hopes wishes and prays she can change someone.
A fool who changes herself.

A fool who loves her just the way she is.
A fool who doesn’t love her just the way she is.

A fool who wants to be used, so she could feel she is needed.
A fool who doesn’t like to be used – not even over her dead body.

A fool who fools someone for her own benefits.
A fool who used someone thinking the person didn’t know. There was a time when we knew someone fooled us, but we played along.

A fool who said, “No, I’m not going to do it,” but she did the opposite of what she said.
A fool who has a soft heart when she shouldn’t.

A fool who has compassion for all lives, skin colors, ethnicities, beliefs, shapes and sizes.
A fool who thinks she is above all else.

A fool who is kind and gifts without any expectation.
A fool who gives to other people wanting something back in return and more.

A fool who is worried about other people think of her.
A fool who thinks less about what other people think of her.

A fool who does things her way.
A fool who likes to be told before doing anything.

A fool is a Goofy person from time to time.
A fool thinks life is not a play.

A fool is a curious person who wonders how things work or why people are the way they are.
A fool is intelligent, but she pretends to be dumb.
A fool thinks she knows it all.

A fool who is a pretty woman, but she doesn’t think she’s pretty enough.
A fool who doesn’t want to hurt other people, but instead she hurts herself.

A fool who is a leader.
A fool who is a follower.

A fool who has the courage to speak up against the authority when everyone else is afraid of losing their job.
A fool who bites her tongue because she doesn’t want to lose her job.

A fool who wants to be free from emotional pain and suffering.
A fool who wants to be free from body pain and suffering.

A fool who wants to free other people from emotional pain and suffering.
A fool who wants to free other people from body pain and suffering.

A fool who doesn’t put up with shit.
A fool who puts up with shit because _____.

A fool who is pretending to be happy just to look good in other people’s eyes.
A fool who finds the joy of living in the now despite the chaotic situation in her environment.

A fool who reacts to constructive criticisms.
A fool who welcome constructive criticisms.

A fool who believes dreams are worthless as the clouds floating in the sky.
A fool who has dreams – small and big.
A fool who never gives up hope achieving her dreams.

A fool who believes the world is her oyster.
A fool who thinks the world owes her.

A fool who believes nothing belongs to her, not even her mind or body.
A fool who obsesses with herself.

A fool who allows other people to take her freedoms away from her.
A fool who takes actions so that she could be free from the crazy shit around her.

A fool who restricts her own freedoms.
A fool who loves to have her freedoms.
A fool who has a hope to one day she will be free just to be herself despite her hopeless feeling.
A fool who sets herself free.

A fool who imprison other people thinking she has the control of them.
A fool who helps set people free.

A fool who wants and has desires of “just give them all to me!”
A fool who spends it all and more for her children and deprives buying anything good for herself.
A fool who doesn’t feel guilty for treating herself because she earns it.

A fool who believes a salesperson or marketer doesn’t need to manipulate someone just to make a buck.
A fool who manipulates other people just to make a buck.
A fool who is happy choosing to make an honest buck and sleeps peacefully all night long.

A fool who whines she’s starving when her refrigerator full of food.
A fool who is grateful that she has an abundance of food to eat.

A fool who wants to win every argument.
A fool who let the other person wins the argument.

A fool who always takes care of everyone and neglects herself.
A fool who takes care of herself first.

A fool who thinks she can do it all by herself.
A fool who tells herself what a fool she is by not asking for help.

A fool who explores the world.
A fool who likes and remains in a place.

A fool who cares and preserves for the environment, so that the next generation could enjoy a happy and better life.
A fool who believes in maximizing and accumulating wealth for herself now.

A fool who believes some lives are far superior to others.
A fool who respects all lives are worthy and precious.

A fool wants to have power in order to be happy.
A fool is a hermit who enjoys living quietly in a cave in a jungle.

A fool who couldn’t live without checking her mobile phone every five minutes.
A fool who will go crazy if she has to check her phone every five minutes.

A fool who loves eating meat.
A fool who loves eating vegetables.

A fool who fears of aging and death.
A fool who thinks aging and death is a part of life.

A fool who’s just let it be… 

And the list goes on…

Who is a fool?

Many times, I feel there’s a silver lining between a fool and a human angel.

Nobody likes being called a fool.
No one wants to be a fool.

The reality is a fool comes in all sizes, races, ethnicity and lives in different geographically, spaces, and times.

Were we a fool at one point in our lifetime?

Damn if we were the fools! Damn if we were not the fools!

I must admit. I was certainly a fool many times for one reason or another up to this moment.

Happy April Fool’s Day!