How An 18 Years Old Digital Marketer Finds Her Passion and Self Confidence –  Emily Conklin Shares Her Insights (Video #1).

Watch out for Emily Conklin Internet Marketer “Gurus” out there! This young lady, Digital Marketer wizard knows her digital marketing stuff. She is currently working for Today’s Growth Consultant.

I’ve respect and trust Emily expertise in this internet market arena.

Even more interesting, she has a mind of old soul (in a super positive compliment). Emily is more mature with her thinking and is a compassionate young woman!

I hope you’ll enjoy watching this video as much we did making this video for you.

Your take away from watching this recorded conversation video with Emily are:

  1. Getting to know Emily.
  2. How to find your passion.
  3. How to build your self confidence.
  4. Kids learn and pick up both good and bad habits from adults.
  5. Having a good role model parents/guardians can impact the children in a major way. There is a saying in Cambodian, “The leaf does not fall far away from the tree.” This implies “like the parents, like a child”.
  6. A mentor comes in all ages. Keep an open mind and be adaptable to your environment because you’ll never whom the wizard will come your way :-).

What I like the most about Emily are:

  1. Her laugh! I don’t know, but there is something about her laugh. When she is laughing, it sounds so pure, genuine, soothing and lovely. Her laugh reminds me of a little innocent child laughing. Laugh more Emily!
  2. She is sincere and is open minded.
  3. She thinks before she talks.

Evermore, I’m happy for Emily who has been raised by a set of caring and loving parents. They give her flexible freedom and love her. She’s been blessed. There are so many kids out in this world would love to be in her position.

Her parents, Dave and Jodi Conklin, must be very proud of this young woman. I’m happy for her parents who raise and have a great daughter. I had a conversation with Dave Conklin after this recorded video with Emily. The Conklin family is one solid family. It shows. The reflection is through Emily actions, decision and behaviors.

I’m grateful that I had the privilege to meet and had the pleasant conversation with these awesome individuals, Dave and Emily Conklin. Not to mention the invaluable tips they shared with me. 🙂 Thank you guys!

I wish the Conklin well in their personal lives as well as in their business ventures.

Emily Conklin

How did I meet the Conklin?

Emily Conklin was one of the awesome staff at Ken and Kerri Courtright event called Digital Footprint. It was held in October, 2015 at Santa Ana, CA. I was in awe by amount of her marketing knowledge she shared while speaking on stage for the first time. She really did well.

This is video #1 of a few more videos to come with awesome marketing and life lessons learned tips that Emily shares during my conversation with her.

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Neary: Welcome! I am Neary Heng, and I’m here with Emily Conklin. And then this amazing young lady has an incredible story that I have to share it with you.

Neary: Emily please take it away and share with us what is it that you do.

Emily: Okay so I’m 18 years old. I have grown up with a very influential set off parents that have always encourage me to be myself. And to just go out in the world to experience so I know exactly what I need to do. And put plans and set to achieve my ultimate goal.
I’m a digital marketer. I’ve been surrounded by all my whole life. That’s what my Dad does. So I’m always have at least a little bit of knowledge.

But I just know enough. I just like the creative freedom that encompasses the field. And I love that I can take my own ideas and use them to create and also.
And the thing that I like to put into perspective is that you can create something you love. Your own passion that you have and use that to inspire all the people and to use it who helps other.

I think it’s really cool. Because something you are really passionate about, you can create your own job out there. Especially in the digital field. You can make a website out of anything.

It just a way to express yourself and help build your own self confidence and interacting with people and learning new things. You going out into the world making the difference.

You’re just providing people with knowledge. That’s one of the greatest thing. You can become so blessed knowing that someone being impact by the thing you I saying or action. It’s so amazing.
I think that’s really cool.

Neary: Now let me get this straight. You said you are 18 years old.
Emily: I am.

Neary: And you said you are a digital marketer.
Emily: I am.
Neary: OK, Are you getting this?

Neary: And you said do something you’re passionate about.
Emily: Right.

Neary: You are 18 and you know what is it that you passionate about.
Emily: Uh uh. Exactly!
Neary: How did you do that? How did you find your passion?

Emily: I found my passions by going out and experiencing things that I would never dreamed that I’ve an interest in.
You have to try everything. You can’t limit yourself to base on what you think you can’t do or think you can do.

Really, you just have to try everything until you find something that you really enjoy doing.
And you wake up everyday and say, “Oh, I love my job! I love the people that I get to meet, the interaction that I have, the impact that I get to make on these people.”

I think it just so amazing. It’s such an incredible blessing.

Neary: You are very young, beautiful lady.
Emily: Thank you so much.

Neary: And I know there’s so many of us out there who are not completely feel confidence with ourselves.

Emily: Absolutely.
Neary: How did you find self confidence such an early age. 18 years!

Emily: Well, everyone has their own issues in life. Oh I can’t do this. I can’t do that. Honestly, I’m surrounding myself with people who have done things in their lives and have been successful.

Really put it into perspective that you have what a goal in mind that you want to do something. You can absolutely can do it as long as you pour your time and effort. And just do everything you can to learn. And just to dive into the field and just take all. I really found confidence in that.

When I spoke for the first time, I was really nervous. But I had that idea in my head where my goal was to provide people with knowledge. Something that they could find value. That’s where you really find your confidence.
Aspiration and your goals I think that really fuel that.


This is video #1 of a few more videos to come with awesome marketing tips that Emily shares during my conversation with her.  I will share them with you as soon as I’m done with cleaning up the videos. Stay tune for more…


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