Get Yourself Off the Linoleum Permanently with the Amazing Powerful Storytelling On Overcoming Challenge – Attorney Shaune B. Arnold.

This is a must watch video.  Shaune B. Arnold is known as Les Brown’s secret weapon. Les Brown is one of the best motivational speakers globally. He was her mentor.

Here are the reasons you’ll get from watching this video :

  • Discover ways on how to overcome challenges,
  • Learn how to be a better storytelling,
  • Learn how to become a better speaker so that you’ve your audiences attention.
  • Communicate so that people would listen to you.

Pay close attention to her tonality (voice), how she described her story (visual) and her facial expression.

Now, you are probably questioning, “what is so special and unique about Shaune?”

There are so many great characteristics about Shaune. How she got here today to where she is at, there was no coincidence.

She was physically abused by her own father when she was a young child.  Yes, her father who was supposedly protected her! Shaune picked the phone and made the call to police. She had to report her own father while her parents were not home! She had leave the place where called home with no money. The place she was going to was to meet with someone from a social welfare. No one she could depend on. Nothing!

What action would take if you were her?

Would you report  your own father, your love ones or your supposedly so called protector?

You see, I met  Shaune B. Arnold at a mastermind event. The first time, I heard she told her childhood on stage, I was inspired. I told  myself that I wanted to interview her some day.  I wanted to learn how to do storytelling like her!

When she spoke, she completely had the audiences attention. You could hear the pin drop on the floor! When I looked around the room, people were wiping off their tears, listening and hanging on to every single she said.

Now, that was one amazing speaker and storyteller!

At the time, there were so many people at the event. I didn’t had the chance to speak with her. She was swamped by so many people her and people wanting to take pictures with her.

Six months later, unexpected, she spoke on the stage again. This time there were less people at the event. I approached her during a break time and asked her that I would like to do an interview with her. To my delight, she said Yes! She would love too!

I waited for a few hours after everyone left the event. She freed at last! We started to talk. Shaune has a golden soul. She is a beautiful and is a smart woman. She fought very hard to be successful and how she got here at this moment. I was glad we talked. It was a conversation to remember.

This video which you are going to watch it, right? Her story in this video is just one of the many challenges she had to overcome in life.

After all, we know it. When there is a life, then there are challenges. But how we, you or I, deal with each challenge is just a hair line separation from a life of undesirable or a life with more joy, peaceful, comfort and much more…

Don’t be a prisoner to your life—be the master creator of your dreams.


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