Dr. Richard Kaye, whom I consider as the right hand man of CEO Space founder Berny Dohrmann’s, is a  Growth Expert Specialist. I had an interesting conversation with Dr. Kaye.



Conversation with Dr. Richard Kaye of CEO Space

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In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • What is CEO Space.
  • An overview what the CEO Space can do for your business.
  • You have an opportunity for one hour free business strategy and coaching session.
  • Dr. Kaye shares his wisdom on overcoming challenges and how you can apply them to yours.
  • Neary’s view on living in the past.


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Welcome! I’m Neary Heng, and I’m here with Dr. Richard Kay.
Richard: Hi Neary.
Neary:  Hello. Dr. Richard, could you share with us what is it that you do for a living?
Richard: Neary, what I do is I’m a Growth Expert Specialist. I help people bridge the gab, where they are, to where they want to be, to get them to a place where the dreams division the things that they want to manifest in your lives, become absolutely real. We do it very short time actually less time you take doing on your own without resources, without help. And we save people tons of money.
Neary: How do you do that?
Richard: We wave a magic wand. That’s what everyone wants. Everyone wants a magic. The answer is how do you do it in a heartbeat? When you have a team around, and you have the right connections, and you have the right to finance; that’s how you grow a business.
Most people try to do things on their own. And you can do it you can succeed on your own. It just takes longer.
You need the money, strategies and sequencing, when do you do what, and your acceleration business become a profound. We do conferences a couple times a year which I think that is what you are asking about.
Our Organization is named CEO space and I’m an offer something to your listeners to the end of this. OK?
Neary: OK.
Richard: So hangout for little bit and what I’m going offer you if you have a business and you want to grow or practice if you want to expand or you want to learn more about growing business, we can help you do that.
When you dine with people, you are dined with masters.  You dine with experts in your field. You can’t help, but grow your business.
I want me to imagine. You’re sitting at a real table with people. Some of them are very expensive consultants. They pay to come to our place and you’re dining with them.  And you have 5 or 6 people at a round table for 30 hours during the week long program. And you are talking about your dream, about your passion, and what it is you want to do it. And you can’t hide from yourself anymore. And its not, oh go do this, do that.
W are not a content rich program. We are business building program. As a matter of fact, for two years in a row, Forbes has said, “This is a business growth conference, you cannot to miss.”
You come from a pretty horrific background, right?
Neary: Yes.
Richard: You watched people got killed. You watched your father died. What motivated you to do that?
Neary: Well, it’s primary because there are lot more to life. There are so much opportunities. There is so much life. There is no sense to live in the past. What happened in the past, buried it and celebrate the living of now.
Richard: Exactly. You see, you can use the anger and the pain of the past as anchor to hold you where you are or you can use it as fuel to move you forward into your destiny. And you claim your destiny.
We all know people who constantly, constantly, constantly talking the the abuse, violation, the murdered that you’d experienced. Most of us in this country cannot fathom that beyond their consciousness; yet there are few who had been there.
You’d gone beyond that. Let the past, for you, it’s the fuel to drive you forward.
Neary: Absolutely.
Richard: That’s profound. So when you have a message to give, allow your wound, the stuff that got where you are.
Neary: Yes.
Richard: And you use that as the fuel to propel you forward. Again, I said, don’t let it anger you. Don’t dwell on it. You can live from your pain and shadow everything you do through your pain.
And yes you have a story to tell, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t look for sympathy. You don’t look for “Oh poor me”.
Neary: Absolutely not. Absolutely not.
Richard: How do you get to that?
Neary: Well, to, to me it’s, it’s every time. OK, imagine this. Imagine you are sitting at the beach, having your own favorite drinks under a perfect, nice blue sky sunny day. And you’re just enjoying the ocean, beautiful beach.
Now on another side, imagine you’re sitting somewhere in the room that is completely pitch dark. Nobody’s around you. Which one would you prefer?
Richard: That’s a pretty good question. It’s a choice you made, isn’t it?
 Neary: It is a choice. So my choice is I want to be sitting at a beach and enjoying the scenery around me. And that is the present.
And sitting in a dark room alone, with no body’s around, that is the past. There is no need to be in that situation.
Richard: In the dark is in the past?
Neary: Yes.
Richard: Very, very wonderful.
And when I joined CEO space which is the organization we were talking about, I was practicing as a chiropractor. And my practice double over the next 9 months because you learn how to do the business of the business.
We’re talking now the speakers of speakers. Speakers who want to go out and give you the gifts on speaking platform.
It’s a lot of work. When you have a story to tell, you have your passion, to speak through your passion, use that as the driver to deliver your message. Which is what you do, isn’t it?
Neary: Yes.
Richard: You are doing very well.
Neary: Thank you!
Richard: And we just met a little while ago. I’d been asked by you to do this interview. And I’m gratitude for that.
Let’s, let’s get something to your, to your your listeners here, to your viewers.   CEO space is the world’s oldest and largest business growth conference.
We do only one thing. And that’s grow business. We don’t sell. We don’t up-sell. There is no next program to buy. And again your dining with very seasoned faculty members who are masters of their crafts and in helping you growing your craft.
We do a couple conferences a year. You can’t just go online and say, “I’m coming because you want to interview you. We want to know who you are.”
What I want offer your viewers here is an opportunity for a free business strategy and coaching session.
Neary: OK
Richard: So whoever is watching this, you can go to http://ceospaceamerica.com. I can’t even spell. It’s been a long one today. CEOspaceamerica dot com and take a look and what opportunities you have. And there is a place there for you to click. You can security time for yourself for consultation.
What we do is help your listeners, your viewers grow their businesses in real time.
Neary: I will have the link down below so you can click and go there.
Richard: Great. That would be wonder. What else would you like to know?
Neary: Well, what are some of the tips that, I’m sure you probably have at least one bad day.
Richard: Only one?
Neary: Only one, right?
Richard: You know, compare to what you had been through, if I look it through that lens, I have to say, I’ve never had a bad day. And that, but there is no comparison.
Neary: You know, everyone of us has our own unique bad days.  So, could you share a message how did you overcome that bad day and say hey?
Richard: That’s a brilliant question. How do you overcome it?
You look at the gifts that you have. The fact that you are above ground looking down at the grass instead of on the other side looking up. That’s one perspective.
You all have heard of this. Take a deep breath, breathe in your nose and out your mouth and recognize what’s happening in your life. Everything that has happened is a gift to get you to where you are.
All the drama. All the horror that you had in your life got you to this place at this time.  And we don’t know what contract we signed when we come in.  We don’t know what contract other people signed.
Be present and there’s a gift in everything, but most of the time, we can’t see it in the moment.
How many times have people gotten divorced and look back and say “Thank God, we got that divorce!”. But in the moment was probably one of the worst thing that ever happened.
So look at the brilliant. Look at the sun outside, go for a walk. Change your physiology.
It’s almost impossible to be depressed when you are out swimming, running or walking or playing tennis or playing golf.
When we get depress, we slump down and watching television. We don’t want to get our butts out the of the seat.
Change, change the physiology! Your physiology predicates psychology! Does that answer your question?
Neary: Absolutely. Yes, yes, yes.
Richard: Good.
Neary: Any last word of wisdom that you want to leave us with?
Richard: Be thankful for all the gifts you got in our life, even the smallest ones. And being gratitude.
And get out of the petitionary prayer which is “God gives me this or grant this or gives me this”.
Be in gratitude!
The appropriate prayer is thank you, thank you , thank you.
And should you get to the place, getting the audience, speaking to audiences, your gifts help them change their lives. Recognize you are there for a more purpose. Just like you are here for a purpose to help transform lives.
Neary: Well, thank you so much Doctor.
Richard: Thank you for the opportunity. I just want to say again. For free business strategy consultation CEO Space America dot com. You’ll see some interesting things. The way to change your life and get your gifts to give them to the world. Thank you.
Neary: That’s Dr. Richard. So to your fulfillment and seek the life that’s always in yourself. Thank you.

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