Do you get mad when your significant other or child refuses to do something after you ask him and he keeps talking back at you?

Try to test your tolerance level when it comes to eating and telling your mind what to do!

Up to now, being a vegetarian 100 days challenge has been a test and experimentation – for the mind.

And it takes a lot of discipline, sacrifice and mind controlling.


My mom made three of my favorites Cambodian dishes this week. They were porridge with chicken broth and herbs, sauteed spicy chicken with stone grinned lemon grass and herbs and soup with fermented limes.

It is not so much of the desire to eat meat, it is the taste and flavors of each dish. If all my favorite dishes can be prepared without meat and still have the same authentic tastes and flavors, having meat won’t be a big deal for me. This might turn into experiment later…

Stopping the temptation is a tough job. However, as the week goes on, it isn’t outrageously strong like as when I was starting out.


Because connection between the state of mind and the emotions are established.


When I told myself that I could not have those three dishes, the mind accepted the fact. Then I noticed it calmed down and was at peace immediately.

Based on this, it seems to me that the mind functions similar to when a child is throwing a tantrum because she wants the candies. Once you firmly tell the child that she can’t have them no matter what, she gets the message. She stops acting up.

Smelling and seeing the foods cajole emotions wanting to eat the delicious food.

When the mind takes control over the emotions which are the feelings, desire, temptation and craving for the foods, then the emotions subside.

Again this week, I’m feeling the stillness in my mind than before when it comes food temptation.

Being in the stillness state brings harmony to my surrounding which is contiguous to those around me as well.

Now, what is your state of mind?


Greek Yogurt honey and vanilla flavors with rice crispy and fresh fruits.


My energy level is better than last week. I’m not feeling tired despite the unexpected hectic week and have been going to bed later than my usual bed time.

The body continues to feel lighter and clean.


Despite having to fight off the raging desire and craving to eat my favorite foods when they are in front of me, I’m glad that made the decision to do this disciplinary eating habit. I’ve been learning a great deal and get surprise visits from my mind.

This weekend will be a birthday party which I’ve to attend. My mom and her friends are going to prepare some of the most mouth watering Cambodian cuisine.

So far these are some of dishes will be served: Papaya salad, grill steak with stinky sauce, and chicken curry with vegetables serve with choices of baguettes made by local bakery and rice vermicelli.

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll make it through the weekend. Sighing, sighing..

What is the one eating habit that you’ve been wanted to change to better your health, but you haven’t done it yet?

Do not wait as you may not have the time to do anything later.

Now is a good time to change while you can and have the control over it.

Will I be able to resist the food temptation and make it to week 10th by not eating meat and seafood for 100 days until May 2nd, 2016?

Stay tune for next week update.

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