Is it already the vegetarian 100 days challenge week 12?

I’ve sixteen more days to go until reaching to 100 days. So far this challenge has taught me a great deal about getting in touch with my own emotions that I’ve forgotten about them for awhile.

Can I discipline my emotions?

Can you discipline your emotions when it comes to craving for food? Well, you can find immediately by answering honestly to all these three Ps.

Proactive to being mindful of yourself and everything around you,
Persevere to overcome challenges and
Persistent to reach your end goal.

Where do you stand?

Continue to read this entire blog post. You’ll notice not only these 3 Ps play a big role in my daily life, i.e. doing this vegetarian challenge, they are some of the key elements if you want success, peace of mind, happiness, fulfillment and lots more in your life.


This week, I celebrate my 3rd New Year – Cambodian. This means lots of foods. It’s one of the best time when people prepare different types of traditional dishes and take them to the temple where we share with family, friends and strangers.

To my surprise, I’m not drooling or craving for any of those meat dishes. They look very enticing and delicious though. My mind is quite calm, and I’m content eating just vegies.


Each time when there is a traditional celebration, i.e. this week New Year celebration at the temple, there aren’t just enough spaces to hold foods that the Buddhist practitioners bring to the temple. People are in the spirit of sharing so they bring extra foods. Too much foods have to be thrown away.

There are way too many choices to choose. Really, whatever dishes I would like to have, they are right there in front of me. It is like I’m having a magic wand in my hand. I just wave it, Poow… And foods magically appear.

Am I in heaven? I ask myself as I am watching so many plates full of foods piling on top each other.

My mind takes a trip back to the days when we had so much emptied spaces, and we had very little or no food. If I got to eat plain cooked rice for a meal, it was a luxury meal.

How is this moment completely different from then?

What has changed?
Have I changed?
Have the circumstances changed?
How about so many people who are now experiencing what I experienced many years ago?
Is it karma?
Is it fate?
Are we blessed?

Do you know the answers, really?


I’m holding up pretty good this week considering a very busy week, the New Year and am working on The Paradise Within’s launch. Perverse, persistent and proactive to do the work that I’m so passionate. Plus, I can work around my schedule. I could take a nap to recharge my energy, wake up and do my work at the time that works for me. That is so AWESOME!



There are times when the more you fight so hard to wanting to have a peaceful moment, the further it seems to be from you. But when you just let you be yourself, unexpected things happen…

There is something going on for awhile now, but I didn’t want to say anything until now.

No, I’m not high on the vegetables. If they do, you would see people walking around eating vegetable like some people walking around smoking cigarettes.

The experience has happened before the vegetarian challenge began.

Some other people are feeling the same as me. They too, just like me, cannot seem to explain it. Only you know that feeling when you truly experience it.

For visualization, picture a small letter “l” and big “V”. When you stay true to yourself MORE and apply the 3 Ps MORE, there is no gap in the letter “l” (or very little gap).

However, when you stay true to yourself LESS, and apply the 3 Ps Less, it splits the letter “l” starting from the top to lower part of “l”. Now it creates a separation from letter ‘l” to form “V”.

I used to be like “l”, then turned into “V”. Now, I’m returning to “l”. I’m not 100% there, and I don’t believe there will be a 100% no separation.

At this moment, I’m completely in awe, at peace and grateful for being who I am, with I have, meeting and connecting with amazing like minded people.

The feeling of oneness with myself is incredible. I feel free to express my true self, such as by telling you this right now.

Everything around me is in harmony, respectable peaceful and at ease.

The seeds of proactive being mindful, persevere to overcome challenges and persistent to reach my dream are starting to yield the fruits.

How does it get better than this?

What is this have anything to do being a vegetarian? A lot! You might want to read the rest of my The Vegetarian 100 days challenge weekly post if you haven’t read them yet. In the search field on this blog, type “week 1”, “week 2” or whatever week you want to read. You should get the result for your search and click on it to read.

What is the one bad habit that you’ve been wanted to change, but you haven’t done it yet?

Do not wait as you may not have the time to do anything later.

Now is a good time to change while you can and have the control over it.

Will I be able to resist the food temptation and make it to week 13th by not eating meat and seafood for 100 days until May 2nd, 2016?

Stay tune for next week update.

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