It’s hard to tell our bodies to stay home when our minds are wandering to places…
Especially during the shopping seasons…

  • Thanksgiving,
  • Black,
  • Cyber Monday,
  • Christmas,
  • New Year,
  • And just because…


It doesn’t matter if you wear undies or not. It’s healthy and good for the mind and body to have some humor in every day of our lives.


  • It’s not easy to resist the temptation that advertisers alluring us to shop…
  • The sales,
  • Discounts
  • bargain
  • and beautiful decorations and lights!

Being in the current situation, it’s very tempting to go shopping physically…

Well, if you don’t count that our minds already have gone to countless stores and/or online shopping.

If you can’t stop the itch to go shopping and love shopping in person, I totally get you!

> Please shop safely.

> Protect yourself.

> Remember that while you’re out and about, any argument is not worth it.  You might encounter shoppers who don’t protect themselves or being considered to protect other lives.

Walk away from them.

Stay away from them…at least 6 feet away.

Your life is precious!

Your family’s lives are precious!

All lives are precious!

Have fun shopping!

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