Minimalist desk productivity is simple and doesn’t need to be fancy or have expensive furniture when working from a home office to get the most of out the day when working at a home office.

Where you sit can make a big difference when it comes to your creative thinking juice flows, brainstorming for ideas, writing, productivity, and getting the work done. 


We all have our own favorite spots in the house. Some places make us feel totally relaxed, lazy and don’t want to do anything.
Such a place is perfect when you just want to do nothing, chill out and relax when you need to release stress out of your system. 


It’s great to have your favorite places for your needs. I like to move around and/or get up every few hours to get rid of the stagnant energy and reboot and recharge the brain waves.  

The need to get your work done.

The need to rest and enjoy your day so you can have a harmonious moment.

Take notice of your sitting spot the next time you feel sluggish or full of creativity. If it’s not to your liking, make a change. You know it best.

Minimalist Teddy Desk Productivity


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