Happy Thanksgiving – 5 Simple Practices To Create Your Happy Holidays’ Memories For Years To Come

What you and I desire and seek are happiness and harmony. To attain them, you must create them. Yes, you are the creator of them.

What does Happy Thanksgiving mean to you?

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most celebrated and favorite Holidays for many people living in America. It happens to be one of mine too.

At first, my family and I didn’t know what a Thanksgiving Day was. I didn’t know the GIANT chicken is called a turkey.

I didn’t and don’t know a lot of things. But I know a few things – how and what to create joy, peaceful and meaningful life.

Thanks to my first mentor who was so kind and introduce us to this meaning and fun Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

And since then, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day with our families and friends with food of our choices. Oh no, it is just Turkey and Ham on our dining table.

We’re thankful and grateful to everyone in our lives. We have fun and create fond memories.

And so…I’m going to share with you my version of Happy Thanksgiving Day. Of course, there are more helpful practices, but these five practices always bring me lots of smiles and pleasant surprises year-round.

I hope you find them helpful, apply them and reap your own sweet rewards. How much you harvest joy and happiness? That depends upon how much you sincerely put in.


There is a time and a place for everything in our lives. We should know when to speak up and when to shut up.

First, shut up your chatter mind because it’s taking away your precious time. It is the loudest non-stop talking machine. Chronic worries run wild. It predicts and tells you all sorts of false stories. Stories that hold no truth and facts and bring nothing, but give stress, bitterness and cloudy mind. There is no need for that.

Don’t give sarcastic compliments or jokes that provoke unpleasant or anger in anyone. Yes, the mind is a central comedy factory running on steroids if you let it be. So shut it down too.

Happy Thanksgiving Day is to sincerely shut up and put away your differences aside.

Some people have a tendency to talk about situations that happened in the past. Don’t rewind and replay them. Turn them off.

As you might know, you cannot stop and control other people from thinking or talking about you or other people for that matter.

Happy Thanksgiving Day is all about a gathering to bring pure joy. A Day to remind and create more of the good memories for both the adults and for your kids to remembers.

The more good memories and experiences you are ingrained in your child’s mind, the more she/he tries to duplicate that good old memory to her generation and many more after.



Happy Thanksgiving Day is a time to listen up to your inner voice.

What does your inner voice want to tell you?

Have you forgotten to thank the very important person who makes countless sacrifices, yet she always gets ignored, neglected and unappreciated?

Happy Thanksgiving Day is a time to listen without judgment. Do not be too busy in your head thinking about the responses to the person you’re having the conversation with.  Listen with your unbiased emotions checked in.


Happy Thanksgiving Day is a time to unite. Unite your mind and soul as one. Too often, we let the external world (gossips, etc) takes control of ourselves without being aware.

Be like your eyes. Your pair of eyes are in its own eye sockets, yet each one uniformly functions together purposefully for you to see with clear vision.

The more you unite with your mind and soul, the more you enjoy Thanksgiving Day.

Unite with your family, friends and strangers. Unite the joy and let go of unpleasant regrets and pains. I’m not talking about putting up a fake happy smile on your face because it’s Thanksgiving Day.


There are two kinds of loves that I address here.

First, love yourself. You might think loving yourself is crazy, weird or selfish. If you don’t love yourself, how could you truly have the capacity to love or receive love from anyone else?

If you don’t love yourself because you think you are fat, ugly, not pretty enough, too short or too tall, etc, please refer to the four practices above.

Second, love other people and your surrounding. We are living in our own homes. However, we are not living independently without depending on other people and external resources. Whatever lifestyle you seek for yourself and your family, your daily life is intertwined and connected somehow globally and beyond.

The more you learn to accept love, give love to other people, the more love you will receive.


Happy Thanksgiving Day is about sharing. Share your emotions – loving, caring and kindness.

Share some of what you have to your loved ones and those in need. It doesn’t have to be grand gifts, but it’s to come from the heart.

We all have our share of pains when our basic needs are not met – being hungry, cold and hot, or no clothes, shoes and a place to live. I had my own shares.

Share things that contribute to the joy and lasting good memories beyond today’s meeting.

Share your compassion with your family, friends and extend it to those around you. “Around you” could be global as the technologies enable you to reach out far away.

Thanksgiving Day also means sharing your knowledge and wisdom. This world is in the drought for great knowledge and wisdom for humanity.

This world needs people with great knowledge and wisdom, like yourself.

“But no one cares or does anything for me. They only want everything from me,” you might say.

Not everyone wants something from you. May I suggest that you search and recall one memory of someone who gave you a helping hand without asking anything in return from you in your lifetime?

It does not have to be a life-saving situation. It is one of the situations that you can still remember what this particular person did something for you to make you felt so happy and appreciated.

You know and have control over yourself. Practices those five things, and you will have Happy Thanksgiving Day today and many days after.

Oh, please do not try to take care of anything you have no control over. They will find their own places somehow.

I wish you, your friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving Day every day full of joy and laughing! 🙂

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