A Memorial’s Day Message: Remember and Honor All Who Served

You had a brave soul.
You knew the consequences,
and You sacrificed anyway

You gave love to FREEDOMS more than your life.
You continued to fight bravely
with your very heartbeat
And stood for freedoms for ALL.

You saw through the eyes of your loved ones.
You felt it in your heart and soul.

You made sacrifices in every way,
even at times,
when you were so scared
and just wanted to survive.
Yet, you fought all the beasts in the world

You always had that about YOU
and hope for a better nation.

You carved to be YOUR own hero.

You didn’t need millions of dollars
or wanted a mansion

You had a purpose in your soul that would never dim
Like the light shining in the sky

You had this light that shined from within.

Because of your sacrifices,

Because of you, I thank you.

And on behalf of everyone who values
and qualities for ALL,
We thank you!

May you rest in peace
May your soul and spirit are free and go to a higher space where you deserve

​​🌈​🦄​🦋​​👼 ☮️ ​🤲​❤️​​🙏​

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