Why is it not ashamed to have your mom living with you or you live with your mom in this society?

I strong believe why it’s good living with mom.

Here are a few twists. It was strange for me at first when I was new Western culture.

When people asked me, and I told them that I live with my mom, they were shocked.

You know that disbelief expressions, “You are?! Really! But you are a grown up woman. You have your own job. Why?”



At first, it was a culture shock for me. I don’t understand why people would be ashamed to have their parents living with them.

Then I discovered people “classify” the terms differently. “My mom lives with me vs Mom lives with me.”

I live with Mom or Mom lives with you, it doesn’t mean anyone is inferior more superior than the other. It does not translate into lack of financial. In fact, you save more money when living together with your family. It’s not about who’s depending on who nor who’s taking advantage of who either.

You see, to me whether I live with my mom or my mom lives me, it’s the same thing.

It makes no different, nada, zero!

We live under one roof!

In Western culture, many people are taught that by the age of 21, you must be an independent person.

You must be moving out of your family and live on your own. This proves that you are an adult, a big girl or big boy now. Yeah, you have a place you call your own!

If you are not on your own and are still nesting with the Moms (family/grandparents/parents); therefore, something is wrong with you. You are a dependent.

That is the custom and perceptions of the society. You know what is good and what it means to live a happy and healthy life. I assume.

Where I grew up in Cambodia , it’s the opposite of this society.

Here are a few common reasons why you live with their family forever except for the following exceptions:

  • You really want to move out be on your own. More and more people are living on their now due to schooling and work related.
  • You are bad to the bone. Usually if someone is single and live alone on their own, that implies something is wrong with that person. He or she must be a bad person. In away, you are outcast from the family.
  • You get married and move to live with your in-laws.
  • It’s very common for most Asian culture that the kids live with their parents even after they get married. In fact some families live together for generations.

Is there something wrong with you?

Heck no!

To me, it shows strong bonding relationship between the family, love, compassion and carrying we have for each other.

And that’s what a family should be! Isn’t it?

Of course, there is an exception it is best for the two of you to see each other once in awhile, instead of living under the same roof.

Living with family

On the plus sides, there are many great benefits to live with Moms, personally and maybe for you too:

  • Mom always loves you! Mom’s love is the most powerful, pure and forgiving love than anyone.
  • My can be your best friends.
  • Mom gives happiness and joy.
  • She’s your best counsel. Her wisdom is priceless.
  • Her cooking makes your mouth water (my mom cooking for sure)
  • You help each other out. One hand washes the other.
  • You learn to forgive.
  • You know the true meaning of love.
  • She gave us life and took care of you.
  • Plus , you get to save so much resources.
  • and too many to list all.

My mom has been a single parent most of her life. We always live together. We have been one of the luckiest kids to have our mom living with us.

Our Mom helps us so much from her heart. She always worries and makes sure that we always have food to eat when we were in schools or when we come back from work.

We know there is warm food waiting for on the stove. 🙂

We always share our food, even with just a few bites. What we have is what we eat. There is no food that we do not sharing in our family. It’s just automatic for us.

How did we survive living through the war and starvation times?

By living tightly together with the family and sharing what little we had: LOVE and COMPASSION!

You can say we are a sharing family.

For many reasons, we are blessed that we’re living together.

If you are living with your Mom (family), there is no shame!

As a matter of fact, you should be so proud and take advantage of this time because you get to spend time with your mom (family).

Do you know how many people in this world jealous of you and would love to be in your place? Lots!

There’s a saying in my Cambodian,“You can always get a new husband (wife), but you only have one mom in your life time.”

A part of living a fulfilling life is to create the paradise within the family. That is to live a life with family without regrets in this moment.

What are your thoughts on this subject? I would like to hear thoughts.

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