What Everybody Ought to Do Once In A Life Time – And Why We Share The World We Can Be Proud Of

In this segment video #4, you’ll discover another way to get more out life. Emily Conklin shares her non-technical passion when she isn’t doing her Digital Marketing job.

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What Everybody Ought to Do Once In A Life Time



How did I meet David and Emily Conklin?

Emily Conklin was one of the awesome staff at Ken and Kerri Courtright event called Digital Footprint. It was held in October, 2015 at Santa Ana, CA. I was in awe by amount of her marketing knowledge she shared while speaking on stage for the first time. She really did well.


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Neary: So Emily did is something else beside digital marketing that youSo Emily did is something else beside digital marketing that you do. I have loved you for you to hear what that is.

Emily: Absolutely! So I love going on mission trips and impacting impact people lives that are that are less fortunate than I am.

I’ve been to multiple countries. And I get to experience the extreme conditions that people i living in. It it’s extremely eye-opening.

Before I took my first trip, I’ve heard about these conditions. I always have a heart for these people.

Umm, so it was different for me to actually go and see things first time. And I think that really feel my passion forgiven bad back and sharing God’s love with others people.

I think that is crucial because a lot of people when they go on this trip. They automatically think Oh what can I do for other people. I’m going I’m going to be the one who are be the one who are blessing be the one who are blessing them.

But often times, in this situations call my dad the one who is blessing you because they literally have nothing. But they are so happy. They love the family and I pray God like they have everything. And it just so inspirational for me because I’ve grown up so fortunate. And it helps me to appreciate things that I have and not taking it for granted because other people don’t have access to things such as drinking water.

We can go to the fridge and pour also a glass of clean water. And other people don’t have that access and it’s really mind bottling to think about.

I think it’s really a great experience for people to see firsthand. I do a lot of mission work. And my does a lot as well. It’s something we are very passionate about.

My family, we go on trips together and it just so amazing to into after these people, often time the language barrier doesn’t matter.

Especially with the kids they are just so happy to interact and to have people there. And they love knowing that they are loved. It just so incredibly to have that experience.

Neary: What was your emotion like when you over there with the kids?

Emily: Initially it was just shocking.

Neary: Did you imagine such conditions exist in this world?

Emily: I have always known about it but the severity of it I had no idea.

Neary: But to see with your own eyes are different.

Emily: They are kids running around with no clothes. And if they have clothes, it’s very minimal or their clothes at a bird or torn to threads.

Also human trafficking is a huge huge issue in a bunch of countries.

That is something I’m very passionate about because little kids they are hopeless. They can’t do anything for themselves.

Neary: Yeap.

Emily: Oftentimes it’s their parents who sells them into slavery. And I can’t imagine what that would be like, it’s really astonishing.

Initially it was just as shocked that go through your mind because it’s incredible that people don’t understand that that there are people don’t have access 2 medicine that they could save their lives.

Neary: Right.

Emily: They live in such poor conditions.

Neary: Just the basic needs. Yeap.

Emily: Often my parents visited families that live in land fields. And they literally rummaged through the trash for the next meal.

They don’t have access to clean water. It was really really heartbreaking the a lot of people died from things that we have access to. We can walk down the street to the store and get ourselves medicine. And you can go to the doctor.

There are many kids that don’t have privilege. Not only kids, but everyone. They don’t have privilege of going to the doctors especially the people who are living in the more remote villages.

Some of them have never seen a doctor before in their lives. It’s just truly heartbreaking because we have access to things that would save their lives. And it really put things into perspective.

Neary: Yes, I can totally related. I can totally relate to that. Some of you may know my story, but I’m not going into that because it probably going to make me cry.

Emily: Ohhhhhh

Neary: So would you encourage to young people like yourself to take such trip?

Emily: I absolutely would. I think it’s crucial because our culture is so surrounded by greed. What can I have, what’s the newest thing.

Neary: and one very very famous is what is it in it for me?

Emily: Exactly! I think that if you go on a trip, at least experience it one time. Its really changes your life.

Neary: Right, right

Emily: it gives you different perspective outlook on life.

Neary: It benefits more for you than for them.

Emily: exactly. Going on mission trip isn’t for everyone but I would encourage everyone to least try it once.

Neary: I think you would probably appreciate life more.

Emily: absolutely, absolutely


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