As I’m​ enjoying the entire beautiful and quiet courtyard to myself during an afternoon tea with my favorite snack, I thought to myself…How grateful I am to be in this serendipity harmonious moment!

I just smile as the birds are accompanying me. Life is great!

Then two people walk by…

“Did you hear the bombing in England?…,” they said loudly.

Well, I enjoy my peaceful moment until then… It was bombed.

When I hear the news that people kill or hurt other people, it makes me angry and sad.

It makes my stomach turns.

So many WHYs pop in my head…

Why some people are so ignorance to create peace within themselves and for those around them?

Why some people have no mercy?
Why some people fear no hell?
Why some people fear no persecution?

I just don’t understand…

What a pain it is to see people suffering and in pain.

Some people say animals are vicious.
People who lack of compassion and kill other people are vicious than animals.

Angry because why are some people so mean?
Angry why some people are so cruel?
Angry why some people have no compassion?

Angry why some people fear no bad karma?

Angry why some people don’t fear of the consequences for the crime they commit.
Angry why some people choose violence over peace.
Angry why some people hurt other people to obtain their so call ‘peace’ or ‘justice’.

Is that sort of victory worthy of celebrating in the end?

I’m sad to see people in pain of losing their loved ones.

In away, I’m also sad to know the people who claim this sort of violence as their so call victory are the one who suffer the most.

I can’t imagine how much hatred buildup within them before they die.

Each moment they live must be torturing.

They can’t feel a moment of their life what it’s like to love life and experience freedoms.

If they know, and they still commitment the inhumane acts, they need lots of loving, compassion and more within them.

Much more, it’s​ not just them who suffer. Their families, close friends and community suffer endlessly for generations.

Do they know that?

That’s the greatest sadness of all!

What do we need to do stop the hatred?

When will it end?

Perhaps there is no clear answer.

There is hope.

What do you do to pick-up yourself in this darkest mode?

3 Things I do to calm and get myself out of the funky mode:

  • Stop feeding myself with more bad news. I stay away from people, reading Facebook feeds or any social media that might drown me into deeper depression, anxiety, stress, sadness and angry.
  • Spend time with nature.
  • Make time to quiet my fiery mind.

In addition, there are so many more practices you can do to distract negative emotions. The important thing is that you need to know how to get yourself unstuck. The more resilient you are, the sooner you’ve a clear mind to find a peaceful resolution…within yourself.