There are only ten more days to the end of the vegetarian 100 days challenge.

Food can be your best friend and/or a foe to your soul and mind. The choice is your. You have a higher probability to win others mind controlling battles if you can silence the food craving.


The week has been calm. My mind and relationship with eating meat that is. I have no desire wanting to eating meat, especially red and white meat. I could say the chatter mind has been defeated. However, I won’t declare it’s a victory just yet.


When I started this challenge, I said to myself that I picked the wrong time. In the last 80 days or so, there had been so many events that I’d attended. Everyone I talked with said the same thing. It is extremely difficult saying no to foods.

The more you say no to foods, the louder the voice shouts inside the mind. I want it. I want it…and I want it NOW!

Until you shut it up!

Do you have what it takes to discipline it?


It amazes me what that little mouths of ours can chow down incredible amount of foods.

How interesting it has been for me to experience living through different eras. I grew up in a culture during the time which we ate to survive.

These days in this culture, which I’m living in, we eat for “pleasure” and to socialize. I don’t think I ever had been to a gathering that wasn’t serving foods.


I believe I’ve gained weight. I’ll find out at the end of this challenge. That is very shocking to me gaining weight being a vegetarian. I thought it’s suppose to be healthy diet than consuming meat; therefore, I shouldn’t be putting on more weight.

The meal portion and the frequency eating per day have been the same when I was eating meat. Is it metabolism change? That is the only thing I could find the reason for it.


In away, I’m starting to feel sad that this challenge is coming to an end. Yes, I can go on to be a vegetarian permanently. Well, that is yet to be seen, and how I will feel at the end of it.

If any food I have on mind it is FISH. A thought of Mexican food, chile verde to be specific, comes to my mind once in a blue moon. There is a hole in the wall restaurant makes authentic Mexican food.

Nowadays, more and more people are changing their eating habits to become vegetarians. Knowing this is such a great feeling.

Many of us are very fortunate and blessed to live in the time and place where we have options to choice for our foods.

You might want to read the rest of my The Vegetarian 100 days challenge weekly post if you haven’t read them yet. In the search field on this blog, type “week 1”, “week 2” or whatever week you want to read. You should get the result for your search and click on it to read.

What is the one healthy eating habit that you’ve been wanted to change, but you haven’t done it yet?
Do not wait as you may not have the time later. It could cost you more later.
Now is a good time to change while you can and have the control over it.

Will I be able to resist the food devil temptations and make it to week 14th by not eating meat and seafood for 100 days until May nd, 2016?

Stay tune for next week update.

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