What I Didn’t Know Before Taking On The Challenge

Am I strong mentally?
Do I preserver?
Do I like food? No scratch that. Do I LOVE foods?
Oh absolutely Yes, yes and yes!

Did my jaw drop and began to drool when I saw grilled fish with green mango or pickled?
You bet!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

Ninety seven days of the vegetarian 100 days challenge, week 14 has been gone. I’m starting to have strange feelings. Have you been traveled to a place where you really liked a lot regardless how much you want to live there, but you had to come back to your home?

Well, it’s like that kind of feeling that I’m experience right now.


This week has been another challenging one. I was at an event where they served so many Cambodian gourmet homemade food. I tell ya, it was really TOUGH!

The golden deep fried fish with pickled was one of the items. Can you imagine the thoughts in my little brain?

However, it wasn’t hard to say NO to it!


By now I’ve a better understanding of my demanding emotions when it comes to food. Now, I think I begin to understand why some people have multiple personalities. I thought I understand my mental state well, until this vegetarian challenge.

If you are not sure of what I mean. May I suggest that the next time when you have craving or terribly want to eat one of your favorite dishes, do not eat it. Say No to yourself. And see how you feel. If you think you know emotion, you’ll be surprise how you handle it.

On the other hand, I enjoy this calmness state of mind once I’ve the control of my chatter mind. It’s an emotion experience that is not easily explainable. You know when you have that perfect moment when you want the time to stay still forever. Yes, it is somewhat like that.

in addition to eating vegetable, I believe it is the combinations of other things that I do to put my mind at ease.



I definitely like the feeling of being cleansed. It’s amazing the causes and effects the foods have the capability to do to our bodies. If you pay attention to your body, it tells you a lot.

Despite my busy schedule (who isn’t, right?) leading to my podcast “The Paradise Within: Renewal from inside out” show launch on April 27, 2016 and post-launched, my energy didn’t seem to be affected. If anything at all, it was because I stayed up late to get things ready for the launch. However, I made up for the lost sleep.

Sleep and food are two of the must DOs to maintain our good health. The lack of food and sleep is not a good combination life style.


FISH! I’m thinking of fish. Could it be because I talked about fish often? Maybe…

Going through this vegetarian challenge wakes me up to recognize my own state of mind, the ranging emotion when I saw fish dishes and people reactions when I told them I don’t eat meat.

Also, having been eating meat all my life, I’m surprise to share with you that vegetables have so much flavor without the meat! I always perceived vegetarian dishes were simply plain and boring. That is not true.

We grow some of our rare and favorite vegetables in the backyard that are not sold at the stores. You know, they are so fresh and have amazing busting flavors!

When you are at a gathering, and you’re the only person who doesn’t eat meat, you can be feeling lonely. By that I mean, you are not fit in. You must be strong and stay true to yourself and purpose.

You can be easily lose the focus and just go with the flow. And this applies to many areas in our life.

What is the one healthy eating habit that you’ve been wanted to change, but you haven’t done it yet?
Do not wait as you may not have the time later. It could cost you more later.
Now is a good time to change while you can and have the control over it.

Will I be able to resist fish for the next three days by not eating meat and seafood for 100 days until May 2nd, 2016?
Stay tune for next week update FINALE!

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