One Of Popular Bloggers in The World, John Chow Shares Three Ingredients You Need To Have To Stay Happy.

Chow is a well known millionaires in the blogging world. He’s one of the biggest blogs on the Internet with over 300,000 active daily readers and followers. This guy knows anything and everything about blogging like the back of his hand, specially when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money online.

He’s a tech savy owning more cameras and lens then he can hold on his two hands. He’s THE mentor on technology and blogging. I’ve a lot to learn from him. What I really have a lot respect for him is that he’s action driven. He does what he says! That is one of the main characteristics I notice the high achiever and successful entrepreneurs possess.

He’s a great sense of humor. Furthermore, John Chow is very intelligent and surprising has a big and caring heart!


So I received an interesting question from a reader. Her name is Neary. Basically she asked me. The question was how do I stay happy? How do I stay happy?

And that is actually quite simple. You only need three things in like to be happy.

  1. Ability to give and receive love.
  2. Something to hope for.
  3. Something to do.

You have those three ingredients. You can have happy.

The problem is most people has something to do as job. That’s their job to at work. Something to do does not mean you have to go to a job. Something to do could mean go for a bike ride and losing 17 pounds in 4 weeks. That’s something to do.

Something to do could mean having a do com lunch with friends and family. Something to do could mean taking my daughter to the carnival. That’s something to do.

When you are liberated from having to work for a job, something to do becomes a lot of choices. A matter of fact, finding ways to do nothing is tougher than finding to do something. I was told friend of mine sold his company. He took one day off to do nothing. So he wants to do nothing and he couldn’t do it. When his wife comes in the kitchen and she goes, “want to find something to do?”

He goes, “No, I’m trying to find nothing to do”. Very very hard. Sometime I come across the situations, unfortunately, when you have friends of family, something to do is pretty simple.

So the first one give and receive love. That’s required. You don’t have that you’re not going to be happy.

And if you have no hope. You have nothing to hope for, you’re not going to happy. Because you have to have to hope for something in the future. Hope is what drives the entire world.

Unfortunately for most people something to do is a 40 hours job. I have been to be a little bit more margin diary than that. Something to do could mean a lot of stuff.

You’ll be happy if you find something to do and meet the first two. Something to do with basically I don’t want to hear do job description becomes self description.

Most people ask, “what do you do?” They’re asking, what are you? You are a doctor. You work as. When people ask me, “what are you?”

Well, I don’t know. I ride. I go play tennis. I go with my daughter. Are you looking for something specific? I will not have what I do define as a job description.

I don’t know if they answer the question. It may or may not . You have to like the philosophy. The last thing that make you really really happy. Good food!

Actually, there are three ingredients. Good food, life is happy!

Neary: Thank you, John!