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Written by: Neary Heng

On June 9, 2023

The #1 Greatest Freedom You Must Have and Five Reasons Why.

What is the ultimate freedom you value the most?

There is nothing in life that cannot be lost. But there is one thing that is very important next to live that we cannot afford to be lost.


Food consumption is a serious cause of several deadly diseases affecting most people’s health.

Money, materialistic, significant other among others, you can replace them and have them in your possessions after you lost them.

Your freedom to enjoy your precious life becomes very limited if you don’t have your health. Here are the top five reasons:

1. Freedom to go places 

  • Drive to places you want to go – i.e. your favorite grocery store or restaurant.
  • Walk at the beach and watch the sunset (sunrise)
  • Travel the world
  • To visit your family
  • and more…

2. Freedom to be independent  

Can you imagine that one day you can no longer do anything of the following on your own?

  • You cannot drive to places you want to go to your favorite grocery store or restaurant.
  • You cannot walk five feet away from your bed to go to the restroom.
  • You cannot eat on you yourself.
  • You cannot eat the food that you like so much.
  • You cannot enjoy sitting outside breathing the fresh air.
  • You cannot walk at the beach and watch the sunset (sunrise)
  • and more…

Do you like being independent?

3. Freedom to enjoy pleasure in life

  • Enjoy sitting outside breathing the fresh air.
  • Do you love food? I hope you do. One of my simple pleasures in life is eating all kinds of delicious foods, especially food that gives me energy and contributes to a healthy body and healthy mind.The #1 freedom

4. Freedom to live a happy long life with less pain and suffering

Today, medical devices and technologies are so well advanced including medications, hospitals, labs, X-Ray facilities and so many more.

They are not the places that you should be set for your favorite places to visit or the end destination on your Global Positioning System (GPS). They are there to assist you when you must need them.

It’s your responsibility that you must do everything in your control to not end up there if you don’t require medical attention.

Plus, you’ve more access to natural herbs if you are into them.

Please do not neglect your health even when you are healthy. Actually, that is the best time when you must take care of your own health is when you are well.

You don’t start to take care of your car when it breaks down on the freeway during a hot summer day. It’s not fun.

It is very sad. There are millions of people right now who are fighting for their lives from the deadly diseases causing by overeating or the food consumption over a lifetime at the hospitals nearest you. They wish they could turn back time and take care of their health better.

5. Freedom from medications and medical bills

I don’t know about you. I try my best to avoid having them both. And so far I’m doing well. Knock on wood!

If you think your grocery and current bills are long and expensive now. Imagine if your life is depending on prescription drugs daily that you can’t live without them.

Here is an example of one type of health and medical bill. According to the American Diabetes Association, “People with diagnosed diabetes incur average medical expenditures of about $13,700 per year, of which about $7,900 is attributed to diabetes. People with diagnosed diabetes, on average, have medical expenditures approximately 2.3 times higher than what expenditures would be in the absence of diabetes.”

I’ve gone through many hardships and challenges in life. I’m sure you had your share too. Having good health, I always turned things around and make my life better.

Just like we have only one life to live, health is a one-way street and is irreversible. Once it’s gone, it is forever gone.

Regardless of how advanced medical and technologies are. Or if someone has all the wealth in the world.

You cannot pay someone to be sick or die for you.

Can you imagine what this world would be like if people can pay other people to be sick or die for them?

Do you think Steve Job would have paid for someone to die for him?

Anyway, I’m glad that life force is created to be the way it is as a part of the life’s package deal that money cannot buy health or life. It’s not like when your car is old, and you trade it for a newer one.

Take good care of your health now to prevent you from living your life under limitations due to health-related issues. To have good health is wealthy (or rich).

I had to watch my father died from slow death because of illness. He could not help himself. I could not help him. Nobody could help him. If you had to watch your loved died, you know how painful that feeling is to watch her/him suffered.

The lack of health is the cobwebs of pain. It drags your family into the pain, frustrations, and inconveniences other people around you as well in the long run.

There is a Cambodia proverb that is meant for people to save money for their rainy days. I think it’s appropriate for eating habits are well. It says, “Don’t eat according to your desire. Don’t be brave according to your hunger.

It implies that don’t eat because of the hungry stomach or your impulse heart desires at this moment. Don’t spend all your money recklessly for one meal or commit bad acts (steal, robbing, etc.) to fulfill your hunger at the moment.

Stay hungry for your good health. The freedom to live a life of pleasure begins and ends with your health. 

A part of living a fulfilling life is to create the paradise within. That is to have health freedom to enjoy life to the fullest alive.

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