Neary Heng’s incredible stories of survival as a five-year-old girl in internment camps to climbing the corporate ladder in America, to an entrepreneur and sharing her stories to inspire others, make her a unique and engaging storyteller. Click here to contact Neary Heng.

“Authenticity, humor and wise insight…these are qualities that jump out when you listen to Neary Heng speak…either one on one or sitting in her audience. Neary is the real deal because she’s been through so many unique and challenging life experiences and she’s developed life enhancing strategies that work…not just for her but which can be successfully implemented by anyone. I particularly enjoyed some of her stories from early childhood. When Neary speaks I listen. Check her out!“
David M. Corbin, 3 times best-selling author, hall of fame speaker, inventor & mentor
“Neary Heng’s strength and resilience come through in each word she speaks and every story she tells. Her delight in life is an inspiration to her audiences as she helps them look at the prisons they have created and navigate a new way. We all have something to learn from this powerful woman who early on learned to trust her instincts. She once used that capacity for the most basic physical survival; now she uses it to make wise choices so that each day will be the heaven she always knew was possible.”
Gail Larsen, Author and teacher, Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story
“Making up products for market, inventing them and inventing services has been relatively easy in my 40+year career. I don’t see problems, I see challenges. Neary and I are on the same page here. When confronted with challenges, even at a very early age, she rises to the occasion and does so very effectively…”
Ron Klein, The Grandfather of Possibility, Inventor of the magnetic stripe on credit cards

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