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How Jessica Murnane’s story begins…

Her endometriosis had gotten so severe that most days she could barely make it out of bed. She tried everything she knew to get better. Jessica had multiple surgeries, tried conventional pain-killers (and less-conventional, leafy ones), fancy yoga and not-so-fancy-yoga, and even therapy to help with the depression caused by the pain. Nothing worked. Her doctors gave her one final solution – a hysterectomy.

But then she got an email from a friend that changed her life forever. She sent her a link that outlined a diet plan designed to help with endometriosis pain. No meat. No dairy. No gluten. No sugar. No packaged foods. No alcohol. No fun. 

And after a few weeks on a new diet meal, her eyes started to open a little wider. The pain started to fade. she wasn’t sad. And she could sleep after years of insomnia. her husband said that she had “her sparkle back.” She never had to get that hysterectomy and have never looked back.

 In 2012, Jessica received a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. 

She has learned that change doesn’t have to be all or nothing…it’s about working through things one part at a time. Change can be really f’n hard. It was for me. I cried, and I got angry. Sometimes wondered if it was worth it. But it gets easier and easier every single day. Until one day you wake up and it’s no longer something that you’re “trying,” it’s just something that you are.

Since launching her site, she’s written a Part One Plant book, spoken at Apple, started a podcast, and worked with some of her favorite chefs. Jessica Murnane truly believes that she owes it all to the plants. Good food and good thinking changed her life. She’s hoping it can change yours, too.

Here’s what you’ll discover from A Woman Tells Her Story of Suffering Causes by Endometriosis & Tips on Diagnost, Diet, Treatments – Jessica Murnane, part 2 of 2:

  • 3 types of food might make you sick.
  • Discover what it means to listen to your body?
  • Why you should request for vaginal ultrasound for Endometriosis examination.
  • The #1 life’s skill that Jessica Murnane recommends to her three lovely children, so that they can use it when they meet their darkest moment in life.
  • The #1 thing Jessica does daily to create her paradise within. You could apply this to your daily life.




Instragram: @onepartplant and @jessicamurnane

Book: Part One Plant


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