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What to do when you’re having a crappy day, so you can have a better day.

Shellie Hunt

Shellie Hunt

The Paradise Within Show’s special guest today is Shellie Hunt.

From growing up in poverty during childhood to owning multiple million dollars businesses, Shellie Hunt has been through a lot of challenges and learned many life lessons.

She shows you values added tips that work for her and many other people, so you can apply immediate in this episode.

She was a single mother, raised her daughter and two more adopted children. In addition to being a full-time single mother, she started three different businesses.

Shellie is the Founder and CEO of Success Is By Design, LLC and Women Of Global Change.

It is by choice where she stands today. Shellie loves helping women and business owners to gain freedom working on their business, not in the business while they’re making money and enjoying their journey as the same time.

To hear what Shellie Hunt says, download and listen to TPW14: Success Is By Design in Personal and Business life.

To connect with Shellie Hunt, check out her website below and remember she welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries!

Success Is By Design, LLC

Women Of Global Change

Here are the highlights of TPW14: Success Is By Design in Personal and Business life if you are in a hurry:

3:50 – How did Shellie overcame when she was facing with no time, money and lack of self confidence. And how you can apply them to your own benefits.

9:15 – Why these top 3 things contribute to success in both business and personal life.

17:25 – The one thing a single parent (or you) should do at this moment.

20:50 – What Shellie does when she is having a crappy day. Do you practice this one helpful habit?

22:05 – How she creates her paradise within.

Personal Note:

Shellie Hunt knows what she wants in life, seeks help and is not hesitate to make it a reality for her. You know how most of us have a second stomach for desserts. Shellie has a sweet spot in her heart for humanity.

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