In This Episode

If you ever feel any of the follow, then this episode is for you:

  • Obsess with your body.
  • Don’t like the way you look (or don’t like your body).
  • Have food addictions.
  • Find food (other types self indulgent) is comforting.
  • Feel anxious and depressing.
  • You want long lasting solutions to food addictions.
  • You’re sick and tired of people telling to do one of these:
    • Get on a diet plan,
    • Start eating salad,
    • Drink smoothies or some strange green juice drinks, OR
    • Stop eating the food you like.
  • And so much more…

Sandy Zeldes is special guest this week. Sandy’s a Certified Nutrition Consultant and began to eat what actually nurtured her instead of a dietary dogma that had developed in her life.

Sandy believes…

Healing is letting go of everything that doesn’t belong or create a balanced peaceful state within.

Healing is only through love and acceptance of ourselves that we find true peace and the ripple effect that this represents in many people’s lives are better relationships with kids, spouses, friends, lovers, and themselves. When this happens, other quantum ripple effects take place. Creative pursuits blossom. Finances shift.

5 “Cannot Miss” Within Moments:

  • 3 Things to do if you’re at the verge of food addiction or have food addition. (Hint: It’s not to demonize your choice of food…so French Fries and chocolates are not your problem.)
  • The #1 skill Sandy Zeldes suggests to her loved ones to have, so that they know what to do to get out of their darkest moments. Yes, this is for you too.
  • One SIMPLE technique to get you out of your head, slow down your grasshopper mind and calm down your breathing. (Note: It works!)
  • The #1 thing Sandy does to create her Paradise within.  Apply this and you might enjoy your paradise (or heaven) within too.
  • Know why you aren’t broken regardless what other people had told you.


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