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In This Episode

Peuo Tuy is a spoken word poet, fiction fantasy writer, and a creative writing workshop instructor. Her poetry collection, Khmer Girl, is inspired by the traumas of her life, including her family escaping the killing fields of their native Cambodia and enduring the inequities of life as an immigrant in the United States.

Her poetry, written and spoken, educates audiences about both the history and beauties of her Khmer heritage as well as the damage Khmer culture wrought on her self-esteem as a girl and woman.

4 “Cannot Miss” Within Moments:

  • Who is Peuo Tuy?
  • What life is like when a child is being told that she is not good enough. She doesn’t matter because of her darker skin tone comparing to other people around her.
  • Why you need to be aware of your playful spoken words could hurt an innocent person for a life time without you knowing.
  • What you need to do to release anger within you when you’re being judged. (Hint: It’s simple and is a powerful tool.)


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Book: Khmer Girl

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