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Sharon Rich runs a consulting firm called Think Business Growth, where she works with CEOs and management teams who need to see rapid improvement in their business results — and need their people to up level their game to make this happen.

As a professional speaker, Sharon teaches business leaders how to leverage the hidden game being played in their organizations without their knowledge.

In fact, she wrote the book Your Hidden Game about ten invisible agreements that prevent businesses from achieving their goals — and how getting these out on the table where they can be renegotiated dramatically and sustainably improves business performance.

As a result of Sharon’s work, her clients see measurable improvement in teamwork, leadership, execution and business results. On a personal note, Sharon is a travel fanatic. She has been to all 50 states and 25 countries, so far…

Please enjoy listen our conversation how she did it so you can get closer to enjoying your freedoms. 

You’ll discover from Revealing the Invisible Hidden Game Plays by CEOs, Leaders and You – Sharon Rich, part 1 of 2:

???? Who is Sharon Rich?

????  Top 5 breathtaking States in America to visit for your next vacation destination according to Sharon who had traveled all 50 states.

???? Discover the invisible hidden game. How to find it and what you need to do to overcome it. (Hint: We all have at least one within us.)

✍????  Is it possible for a CEO / execute make critical decisions that affect the company bottom line, employees and still be who she is deep down within?  (Hint: It might not be what you’re thinking.)

????  Should employees have empathy for CEOs or leaders?



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