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Wendy Weber is a multi talented woman. She is a mother of 3 children, and one of them has a down syndrome.  She loves animals. Wendy writes custom songs, sings, write poems, plays ukulele and can do yodeling too! 

Taking care of a daughter with down syndrome is a very demanding job, according Wendy. 

Wendy loves her daughter and loves her life too. She won’t let their lives drift day by day because of some limitations they face.


Some of the characteristics that Wendy possesses are that she takes the responsibility to ask for help when she needs help. She loves being herself. That and a combination of other things, makes her enjoy and loving her life even more. 

Please listen and enjoy!

“Customize” Within Moments:

  • Who is Wendy E. Weber?
  • Discover your talent. Maybe you could relate to how Wendy became a song and poem writer. 
  • How to come up ideas for your song or poems. 
  • When writing songs, do you need to put all of your emotions into them?



Sheevaun Moran

Sea Hunt Show (Jeff Bridges & Lloyd Bridges)


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