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For forty-five years, Sheila Schultz supported others. It seemed more important to be helping them, regardless of what that meant for her. On the outside, she had it all – a good education, a long marriage, a successful career, financial freedom and plenty of friends – so what was wrong?

Inside, she was a mess. Her mind raced at night, as she made mental notes of what she had to do the next day or what she should have said earlier.

She needed a glass of wine or a pill to relax. It seems she was on automatic pilot, always searching for the next project, the next vacation, house or job.  It felt like I was skating across life, instead of being in it. Weeks, months and years seemed to rush by.

Gratefully, in 2008, her eyes were forced open. Within a six month period, she experienced four major life losses.

Suddenly everything became clear. She understood what had been missing in her life: Her presence. This was a scary time for her.

How could she have been so “absent”? And what was she supposed to do now? It took some time, but slowly, gently and quietly she’s tiptoed back into life. And now there’s no turning back. Today, she is truly living.

Here’s what you’ll discover from Mindfulness Tips – How to Be in the Moment – Sheila Schultz, part 1 of 2:

  • Who is Sheila Schultz, and what life events led her to doing the job that makes her feels happy and helping other feel the same too?
  • The “AhA” moment that changed everything for Sheila Schultz. 
  • What you need to do to bring your mind from being in a frantic situation to this moment. (Hint: You can do this while standing in a grocery line.)
  • Why you should need to have a time out for yourself. (Note: No, it’s not because you did something wrong.)

Please listen and enjoy!

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