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It all begins with ONE very simple but POWERFUL question that you and I ask ourselves from time to time…

Who Am I?

It is a question that I’m often asked people, many of us couldn’t reach to the answer deeply within or very hesitate to answer truthfully and stand firmly for it.

If any of the following resonate with you, then this episode is for you:

  • Fears and confuse of dark energy
  • Want to get in touch with spiritual beliefs.
  • Understand more about the Higher Spiritual beliefs.
  • Want to be a healer or Soul Coach (channel, intuition whatever you prefer to call), but you are not sure .
  • Seek to better understand who you are within.
  • Explore your own intuition.

Fiona Weatherhead created Soul Reawakening™ from her experiences through her own self-healing journey and deeper connection at Soul level to understanding the root causes of her own blocks and limitations.

This journey created a desire to really understand why she had been so impacted by physical and emotional issues that constantly held her back from creating the life she wanted to be living.

Many years working within the Akashic Records and then being guided to work consciously with the Universal Soul Light Matrix gave her the tools to create this empowering, healing modality.

7 “Must Listen In” Within Moments:

  • How Fiona Weatherhead discovers her unique gift. (Hint: It took her a few failure in relationships and illness.)
  • What empath means. And how you know if you’re an empath.
  • How to Connect with Your Higher Self.
  • Find out if you’re a clairsentience (Not a drama queen with PMS. There are examples).
  •  What you need to do to deal with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) or Pre Menstrual Tension (PMT)
  • Discover and understand the differences between Ghosts, Guides and Angels. (Hint: They might be with you and watching you at this moment.)
  • What you need to know if you’ve fears of connecting to dark energy, but you want to get in touch with spiritual beliefs.

Resource Mentioned:

Fiona Weatherhead’s website

Soul Reawakening


> > This is part 1 of 2. Fiona Weatherhead shares more how she discovers her self-identity and tips so that you’ll be on your way to discover more about who you are truthfully and more in Part 2 of 2. Please stay tune!

Updated: Click here to listen to Part 2 of 2.  There are LOTS of useful, practical tips and tools you apply right away!