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f you’re a woman and ages between 36 to 40 years old or if you’re working full time in corperate, this episodes 1 and 2 are definitely tailored specific for you!

Please meet our special guest today, Saiisha. She was a successful professional, graduated with a few college degrees, had a fancy job title and got paid a lot of mola working in corperate America.


She felt many areas in her life were scattered in wrong directions,  uncompleted and disconnected.

She quitted her high paid, fancy job title as a VP to become herself and makes woola doing what she loves.

Nowadays, Saiisha is a soulistic life coach for old souls who are already on their spiritual path, but they may still be feeling lost in a certain area in their lives, or uncertain about their choices and next steps.

She helps them make decisions and take actions that would bring them closer to the life their soul wants to live. If you’re an old soul, take the quiz see where you are on your soul’s journey to peace, presence and purpose at

4 “Cannot Miss” Within Moments:

  •  Who is Saiisha?
  • Are you still on the hunt for the next best job… then spending a bunch of time trying tell yourself…someday you’ll get to work for that dream company and boss? (You’ll want to hear Saiisha’s insights on why this actually kills your livelihood.)
  • Why she left her C-Suite, great paying job with a fancy title to do something completed different.
  • What life is like living in seclusion, in the wood after walking away from coperate job of 15 years. (Could you resonate with this story?)


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>> This is Part 2 of 2 conversation continuing from Part 1. Click here to listen to Part 1 of 2, if you have not listened to it.