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There are all kind of salespeople. You might come across many of the “not so good salespeople” and know very few honest and ethical salespersons.

You’ll discover what makes a great, successful and proud of the money you earn while selling a service or product that you’re so proud to represent it in this part 2 of 2 conversation with The Saleslady, Leslie Ellis.

And these are so much more tips. Please see the quick overview below.

Everyone Is A Salesperson!

Yes, that is including you!

Regardless if you work a 9-5 job, housewife / husband or salesperson, you’ve to sell at some points in your life.

Leslie Ellis successfully negotiated her first sales job at the tender age of 10 by convincing her neighbor to trust me to take care of their newborn baby. Even at that young age, I instinctively knew how to win people’s trust, and use that to close the sale.

With the launch of Savvy Selling NOW! in 2014, she combined over 30 years of sales experience, her passion for sales, people and fun into my coaching and training business.

Taking her experience with every level of management and the sales process that earned mehera row!), her system helps solo-preneurs and microbusiness owners to become more comfortable with sales, helping them to close more business and make more money.

The core to a successful sale, like anything in our life, is building trust.

Regardless of what you do for a living, a housewife (or husband) or a salesperson, your product / service is a one time sale, based on building repeat sales or getting for a dream job, learning how to understand your customers or employers needs, and match your offering to those needs, is the secret to on going sales success.

5 “Cannot Miss” Within Moments:

  • Top 3 characteristics you must have if you want to become a successful and get paid as a well respectable salesperson.

(Note: If you’ve a product or service that you believe will benefit your clients immensely, before you say, “No, sales isn’t for me”, find out if you possess these 3 characters. Don’t let the word “Sales” stop you! You might change your mind later like I did.)

  • What you need to do when someone rejects you? (Hint: I bet you’re scare to do this like a cat that hates taking a bath.)
  • How to handle and response to rejection better and gracefully in personal and business life. And how you can still earn repeat business (or job) even after you got rejection(s). Won’t that a bitter sweet problem you’d like to have?
  • The #1 skill Leslie Ellis suggests to her three sons, so that they know what to do to get out of their darkest moments.
  • The #1 thing Leslie Ellis does to create her Paradise within. Apply it and you might enjoy your paradise within more.


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>> This is Part 2 of 2 conversation continuing from Part 1. Click here to listen to Part 1 of 2, if you have not listened to it.