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The truth be told…

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We get so caught up in what we think happiness is supposed to look like that we forget what it actually is, or could be.

We get so caught up in trying to do the right thing that we lose sight of what the right thing is for us.
We try so hard not to mess up that we become paralysed – unable to move forward.

And we spend so much time thinking there’s something wrong with us that we never take the time to focus on what’s right with us.

As a sensitive person, I’d always assumed there was something wrong with me – so my own journey entailed trying to endlessly prove myself (perfectionism), trying to please everyone around me and moulding myself into a definition of success that didn’t fit.

This did not work out well. In her 20’s, it manifested in an eating disorder – and later a diagnosis of chronic anxiety and depression.

For her, those dark times were a catalyst. An invitation to step further into herself. Along with her yoga and meditation practice (which fit perfectly with coaching), she found an acceptance she’d never experienced before.

Here’s what you’ll discover from From Eating Disorder to Diagnosis of Chronic Anxiety and Depression, Sonia Voldseth Found Self Love, part 1 of 2:

  • Who is Sonia Voldseth?
  • Discover what self love mean to you. And why it’s a life saver.
  • Is your definition of success similar to what Sonia had defined for yourself and went with her might to pursue it?
  • Why before measuring your body mass index, you must measure your self love first.
  • How our society plays a major role in many crisis in so many women lives of all ages. And what you need to do, so that you would be free from becoming a part of the statistic.



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Twitter: @SoniaVoldseth


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