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If you want to be an author and want to attract more high-paying clients by marketing with a book and speech, then in this episode our special guest Henry DeVries shares golden tips on what you need to know, do and be.


Henry DeVries is a co-founder of Indie Books International. In the last ten years, he has helped ghostwrite, edit, and coauthor more than 300 business books, including his McGraw-Hill bestseller, How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett—now in five languages, including Chinese. And Persuade With a Story.

He has a monthly column with He earned his bachelor’s degree from University of California San Diego, his MBA from San Diego State University, and has completed certificate programs at the Harvard Business School.

On his personal note, he is a baseball nut. A former Associated Press sportswriter, he has visited forty-one major league ball parks and has three to go before he “touches ‘em all.”

His hobby is writing comedy screenplays that he hopes will one day be made into films.

I met Henry his workshop and learned a great deal from how to marketing with a book and speech as you’ll hear in this episode that the depth of his expertise and suggestions are helpful for you. I want you to hear straight from him.

On a personal note, I find Henry is a real deal, no BS when it comes to writing your book that creates positive impact for the readers. He knows his stuff. Not to mention, he has a great sense of humor.

Henry and enjoyed created this conversation for you and we hope that you’ll enjoy it as well.

Here’s you’ll Learn from “Discover The Dirty Little Secret of the Book Publishers Don’t Want You To Know – Henry DeVries” in part 2 of 2:

????  Discover the little dirty secret the big book publishers don’t want you to know.

????  Who is the big book publishers good for? And who is it not for?

????  The THREE biggest traps you must avoid if you are or want to have your book publish. (Question: Are you doing these now?)

????  The #1 TIP you can apply right now even if you don’t want to be an author. (Note: You’re going to like this one.)

????  What is #1 skill Henry DeVries suggests to his daughter whom he loves so much, so that she can use it when she faces her darkest moment? (Note: Great tips if you’ve debt and cannot pay it now. And more…)

☑ And more…



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