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In This Episode

Today, Antia Boyd, who has been a relationship expert/coach, will spill some DO’s and Don’t dating tips with you, so that you could create a union with the man of your dream.

She is a matchmaker for women who are high achievers, but they have a hard time with trust, setting boundaries and attracted unavailable men.

Lady, if that sounds like you or you know someone who fits the descriptions, then this episode is dedicated for you!

If you’re a man, won’t you want to be happy too?

Please listen and enjoy!

6 “Cannot Miss” Within Moments:

  • How to build trust to trust yourself and your relationship with your partner or significant other.
  •  What mentis emotion means and why you should get clear on this, so that you can understand your own emotional needs. (Note: Also to understand the layer of emotions you’ve been avoiding.)
  • Why you should give up the need to be right and in control.
  • Top 4 attributes that will help you find the right man (or woman) who loves you for being who you are.
  • How to graceful reject your date for good sake for both of you. (Hint: Not telling him your honest feeling and giving false emotions is not the solution.)
  • How to quickly know if a man is single and available. (Hint: No, you don’t have to hire a detective to follow him or make him drunk so you can snoop his phone.)


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