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In This Episode

In this second part of our conversation, Suzanne Jones will tell you as it is. Be prepared to hear for the #1 truth if you have infertility problem, and you want to adopt a child.

Today Suzanne Jones will give you a tour of what her life was like out of public eyes and behind the closed doors.

By the end of our conversation, you’ll have a greater understanding of what it takes to be an adopted child and adopted parent.

And so much more…

Where Suzanne came from…

As a young woman, she was walking through life with unhealed wounds that had yet to be addressed. The problem was that every so often, these wounds bubbled up to the surface and wreaked havoc on her life.

At 15 years old, her adoptive family gave her back! She became a ward of the court and went to an assessment center. From there, she bounced from foster home to foster home until she found one she blended well with.

Because of these traumatic adventures, she learned early on how to construct and fortify a wall around her heart that let no one in. This ensured her safety. Until she woke up and realized that her protective wall had become her prison.

With that wall – and her intention to remain safe – came sarcasm, anger, judgment, rebellion and feeling sorry for herself.

What kind of parent gives back their kid?

A parent who is not emotionally or mentally prepared or stable enough to deal with the throes of the adoptee’s soul. A parent who hasn’t dealt with their own demons and projects them onto their vulnerable children.

And then she had her own kids. Though her old programming, she projected her wounds onto her own children.

Suzanne is highly experienced and as an adoptee herself, she knows exactly what it takes to raise a well-adjusted adopted child. She’s been trained in multiple modalities. She is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and a Certified Dream Coach.

Who this story is for:

  • You are an adopted child.
  • You want to adopt a child.
  • You are currently the adopted parent.
  • You like to hear story about the life of other people what make them a stronger and resilient people.
  • You’re an adopted child or parent with wounds.

What you’ll discover in this story:

  • What to do if you’re an adopted child or parent with wounds.
  • You want to adopt child, hoping she/he will help to fulfill the hole inside of you and make you happy. (Note: You definitely want to listen to Suzanne story.)
  • What you need to do validate your choices and decision before adopting a child.
  • You love your life, and you want to do the same for the kids.
  • And a whole lot more…

Please listen and enjoy!

Some “Worthy adopting” Within Moments:

  • The #1 thing you must do first before deciding to adopt a child.
  • What you need to know if you adopt a child to expect him/her to fill a role (i.e. feeling lonely, to replace a lose child etc.)
  • Two things you should do together to help your adoption process goes smooth.
  • The #1 life’s skill that Suzanne recommend to her three lovely children, so that they can use it when they meet their darkest moment in life.
  • The #1 thing Suzanne does daily to create her paradise within. You’re going to resonate with this one.


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