Emily Conklin is NOT a typical teenage girl that you might have met or heard of in today society. She keeps on amazed me more and more as Emily and I were continuing with our conversation. You’ll find out what I mean in this video #3.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching this video as much we did making this video for you!

Emily Conklin shares some of her very personal opinions In this video regarding:

Traditional Edu1

  • Ways of acquiring knowledge: Non-Tradition Education VS College Traditional Education Institutions
  • What she thinks of her smart, hardworking techie father, Dave Conklin.
  • How she feels about her relationship with her sister and brothers. Can you guess how many pairs of twins in her family?

Who is Dave Conklin? How did I meet David and Emily Conklin?

Dave is a Consultant to CEO’s of ten million dollars plus companies and engaging Keynote Speaker. He is one of the key members (maybe the only one) in charge of the marketing at the “core” level for Todays Growth Consultant. Emily, his daughter, is also working there as may know by now.

David and Emily Conklin are among the awesome staff at Ken and Kerri Courtright event called Digital Footprint. It was held in October, 2015 at Santa Ana, CA. I was in awe by amount of her marketing knowledge she shared while speaking on stage for the first time. She really did well!

This is #3 of 4 videos  with awesome marketing and life lessons learned tips that Emily shares during my conversation with her.

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Neary: You are 18, what is your typical day is like for a teenage.

Emily: Okay, so I’m out of high school now. So it’s a little shock for me just because I didn’t have a set schedule every single day.

For being in school, I did the same thing every single day. And I think putting that into perspective really solidified my idea of not going to college.

Especially in the digital marketing field, I felt that working in the field itself will teach me more than going to College ever would.

The people that I get to meet like yourself and the knowledge that I can observe from everyone I come in contact with.

You can’t buy that. It’s not something that you get when you go to college.

Also I made that decision because the things they teach in college, in my opinion, in digital marketing field outdated because the technology is constantly changing.

So by the time you go through the college and get your degree things that you learned , most most of the time can’t necessary be applied to your job and the field you work in because new things are coming along.

So working in the field you get to learn a long as things are changing. You can adapt ideas and the way you work.

And the process it take to continue to grow yourself your business or your clients database. Or whatever your idea of growth is.

So typically I’m a person who like flexibility. I like that my job that I have the creative freedom to take an idea and run.

I love that. I don’t do the same thing everyday. I don’t have a set schedule. And honestly it’s just amazing having my job and being surrounded by really awesome people I can personally learn from every single day.

Neary: So you don’t find traditional school in benefits you and you are finding and being around high quality adults helping, guiding you towards your passion that you want.

Emily: Exactly! So much from these individuals. It’s incredible. I think that a lot of people think that in order to be successful in the digital marketing field. Just the way our society is today, they feel you have to go to college where you are going to amount to nothing.

But I have in real life examples of people who do not have a college degree are very successful who does not have a college degree.

Yes it does look nice. And I’m not saying college is a bad idea because they are some fields such as medical field, law field, you absolutely need a degree for that.

Just the industry is a little bit different, but I love the creativity that I am able to have in my business, and my field.

Neary: That’s awesome. You know, I myself I went to college. And now I’m getting into this non traditional Marketing which I had no interest when I was in the college.

Neary: So coming, having exposure to both ways, I see there are pros and cons about it.

Emily: Absolutely.

Neary: And what I’m learning right now.  I know, I am not probably not getting this knowledge this education in the traditional institution.

So regardless, besides what we are talking about, having education is crucial. And how to obtain it that’s a different story.

Emily: Absolutely! I like to think of it as two people may have the same goal, but they’re gonna there in different ways.

There’s so many things like, no two, let’s say fashion walkers, have the same process, the same model and the same mindset.

We all think differently. Yes, they both have the same end goal, but they get their different ways, have different process creating awesome things.

That’s the thing I like about it. Your uniqueness the things that make you who you are can be used and you can create some things like no other person has ever created.

Neary: By the way, tell us who your Dad is?

Emily:My dad is Dave Conklin. He’s really awesome, influence on me and I’ve learned so much from him throughout my life. He’s really, really a great digital marketer. And I learn new things from him everyday.

He’s absolutely really incredible!

Neary: If you don’t know who Dave Conklin is, just look him up or click on the link below that I have a hot link below.

He is very insanely, insanely, smart, very intelligent very techie.

I mean, we are right now at a three days conference. So we look tired and we speak somewhat slow. You can tell by the bags under my eyes because we’ve been staying up so late and get up so early.

Emily : Oh my goodness,  yes.

Neary: You know how it goes when we go to conferences.


Neary: So Emily,  tell us, you are a teen age.  18 years old ok! Do you go online chat with guys? What’s your typical in day?

Emily: I honestly like spending time with my family. I have a twin sister.

Neary: Twins?

Emily: Yes, I do.

Neary: Wow!
Emily:  She’s my best friend. I absolutely love spending time with her.

Neary: What do you talk about?

Emily: The older we get, the closer we become. It’s just awesome. We have that built in best friends send the days I was born.

Emily: I all I also have a set of twin brothers who are 10 years old.

Neary: So you guys are twins twins?

Emily: Yes, it’s pretty crazy. I have an incredible family who always supporting in everything that I do. That they always encourage me that if I have an idea to go out fulfill and achieve that idea.

And if you have an idea, you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Ideas are absolutely crucial for young adult to have those those kinds of influences in their lives.

You don’t want to limit yourself to the opportunities you can have and the things that you can do.

Ken Courtright has this phrase that he always uses that I’m going to paraphrase “It’s whether you think you can or think you can’t, you always right”.

And I absolutely love that phrase. It can be further from the truth. I use that phrase everyday. I can’t automatically think in my head that. Oh, I can’t do that.

You have to think and believe in yourself and have confidence.

Neary: She’s amazing. I can’t stop saying amazing for being 18 years old.

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