If you are reading this, and you are a mother, you have one toughest job for a lifetime!

And if you’ve been raising children by yourself without the father of your kids around to help you out, you are one awesome extraordinary toughest mother!

This applies to Mr. Mom too!

I know so because my mother was a single Mom.

No mother that I know who stops being a Mom after her kids turn 21 years old. Mom always worries and wants to see her kids happy and well off.

Being a mother, you might not even realize how in the world you did all the things you had done up to this moment.

You want to provide the very best for your kids.

How you pulled together the courage to put up with work, despite having to deal with the PMS, so that you could have food to feed your children and a safe shelter for them to sleep.

There were times when you were standing in the grocery store, splitting what little money you had.

You don’t want your precious and innocent kids to go hungry so that they wouldn’t experience the hardship you went through.

So you work yourself away…

🙋  Give up so many things that make your life comfortable.

🙋  Walk in the cold, rain or crazy hot days when you had to.

🙋  Save the food for your children, so they won’t go hungry.

🙋  Develop a thick skin and be a shameless mother to stand firm for your children.

🙋  To get up and take them to school even when you are sick and tired and looking like a zombie.

🙋  To give up buying a new pair of shoes or cloth telling yourself…They’re just ugly!

🙋  There are times when you made mistakes by saying words or actions you didn’t intend. After all, you’re just another human being.


And so you make more sacrifices…

You do the unthinkable things that you could never imagine in your life that you have the power or will to do so.

You play so many roles…

👍 The best unpaid bodyguard, CIA, Doctor, Chef, Janitor, teacher, mentor, counselor, coach, preacher, driver, mechanic, the helicopter Mom
and the list goes on…

👍 Oh yes, you’re a pretty fine actress too…

😭 You sob and cry alone and not so alone, countless times.

When your kids asked you, “Mom, are you crying?”

You, “No kid, there is something in my eyes.”

🙏🏻 Often times, you don’t have time to rest and give love to yourself.

You did all of that and so much more knowing the return on investment (ROI) to you if you are lucky, you get a call or a visit per month in your golden years.

🙋 Because…

👍 You want your children safe and sound all the time.

👍 You want your children to be happy.

👍You want to see them smile.

👍 You want to hear them laughing.

👍 You sacrifice because you love your children so much that do anything for them to shield them from danger to safety and well-being!

Give the gift of compassion, sweet and kind words, respect, understanding, forgive, and more every day to your very own mother while she is alive, so you won’t have regret later. 

There is a saying in Cambodian that your parents are the living and breathing Gods in the house.

If you have a mother who sacrifices so much for you, be grateful, you’re very lucky and blessed!

I’m very lucky, so grateful and blessed to be the daughter of my Mother!

Happy Mother’s Day and every day being a mother if you are a mother!