Ron Klein is the Grandfather of Possibilities™, a problem solver and innovative inventor and among other things. He’s incredible knowledge, wisdom and amazingly alert and very active.

Ron is 82 years old and rides his bicycle daily, except when he’s sick or when he is out of town.

Age is just a number. Your mindset is the golden key to everything.

With all respect, how many 80 years old people out there you’ve seen and are still in great shape mentally and physically? There are not that many of them.

His success and many of his inventions stem from his philosophy and positive “can-do” attitude.

Ron is the action taker!

Check out this amazing second chance to life experience interview to hear his thoughts.

Ron is amazing. He’s the ability to ficus and zero in on getting challenges. He believes there are no problems that cannot be solved in this world. There are only challenges.

To Ron, “Every solution has resulted in monumental change, either in a new invention or a simple solution.”

He’s married to his wife, Arlene, for over 56 years! Arlene is a sweetheart and writes poems related to pets. She is very compassionate for animals and all living creatures including the health and welfare of the animals sharing this earth with us.

Ron&ArleneKlein&NearyHengHere are some facts about Ron Klein:

  • Invented The Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card
  • Inventor of Credit Card Validity Checking System
  • Developed Computerized Systems for Real Estate Multiple Listing (MLS) Services
  • Creator of Voice Response for the Banking Industry
    The BOND Quotation and Trade Information System for the New York Stock Exchange

He’s the author of “The Grandfather Of Possibilities: Inventor – Entrepreneur – Athlete“.

His latest patent “is for a device that enables a visually impaired person the ability to identify an item when in physical range of that item. It utilizes a smartphone and special coded labels.”

How did I get to know Ron? 

I met Ron at a mastermind event. Later on, I was in one of his mastermind events. I had an incredible experience picking his brain. To make a long story short,  he helped me connected the dots and led me to meet with another incredible mentor, David Corbin. As the result, the Amazon #1 best seller “From Internment To Fulfillment” book released to the world.

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I died once. Two years ago, I died. I’m an athlete. I’m busy. I’m an old man, 80 years old. But I don’t think I’m an old man. I just kept going.

And I was at a ballgame. And I had some chest pain. I thought it was indigestion.

And the next day went by, I still have chest pains. The next day then bye.

Well, after 5 days, and I was really getting horrible crushing pains.

I went to dinner with my wife. Came back from dinner. It was late.

And then the pain was so intense. I said, “You know what? I think I got a problem.

You know because I’m a healthy guy. I’m not on any medication. I think I’m having a heart attack.

I’m going to drive myself to the hospital. And she said, “You what? I’ll call 9-1-1.

I said, “No, I don’t want to bother anyone. I don’t want to be a burden. So she drove me to the hospital. I was going send her home. “Are you out of your mind? I’m stay here with you! Finally she stayed with me until the wee hours in the morning.

They admitted me; they put me in bed and everything. They started popping Nitro ( Nitroglycerin) under my tongue. I was having a horrible blockage, horrible heart attache.

Then they were starting to shoot me with nitro inn the arm. That didn’t work. It got so bad. They started shooting me with morphine. Best second time they shot me with morphine, I flatlined.

I died!

And it was the most incredible feeling. I felt my whole life, my whole vision went black. And then I saw a black feather. And I was the black feather, floating up. I did not see myself from the bed, but I saw it floating up.

And I looked around and everything was black. Then all of the sudden, then I saw a horizon, white flashing geysers.

And I said, “My god! Isn’t that beautiful.”
I said, “This is wonderful.”

And then I heard far in the background, “We lost! We lost him!
The nurse was crying. They were hollering that he died! We lost him!

Then they started to shock me into life.

And from that day on because I was experiencing serious things in life in war. But that was the first time I ever died!

And I said to myself, “What a wonderful, wonderful experience.”

Neary: You will not scare?

Ron: Oh No. Until this day, I’m saying, I have something really look forward to because when that happen again it’s beautiful!

Neary: So coming out from that. I’m sorry to kind of get sidetrack.

Ron: That’s OK.

Neary: So coming out from that experience, how do you see life after that?

Ron: As a bonus!

Neary: As a bonus. Second chance!

Ron: Oh, it’s wonderful. Well, I saw it in a different way too. I’m here for a purpose. And that’s why I’m talking to you.

Neary: Yes.

Ron: I’m not empty. In fact, If I die tomorrow, I make a lot of people angry because I’m not empty. I’m still there. I still have to give. So when the time comes that I’ve nothing else to give, then it’s OK. Wonderful feeling.

Neary: I like how you put things into perspective.