What Do You Wish For At This Very Moment?

“Hello Mom,

Surprise! Do you miss me?

I miss you so much!

I want to spend today with you.

Just you and I.

Nothing is special. We are going to have our favorite simple meal and have a wonderful time together just being ourselves.

I have so much to tell you.

I’m your good child now.

I’m cleaned.

I pay my own bills.

No party, no date night, no overtime late hours working, no place to go and no people to see.

How old are you mom this year? I can’t believe time flies.

Let me hold your hands. I want to hold your hands. Wow, look at these beautiful hands full of wrinkles. They feel so warm, soft and smooth.

Let me hold them just a little tighter. These hands fed me, worked so hard to earn a living, cleaned my butt and cradled me.

Show me your smile, Mom. I love to see your smile. 

What do you mean I make you feel embarrass?

Oh now, there’s a smile and a laugh too. That’s much better!

Oh are you tired and want to lay down? I want to lay down next to you too.

I want to fall asleep in your hands. 

I love you, Mom….

Tears are in my eyes. I realize that’s the conversation I had in my head before I drifted into sleep. I only wake up to the reality that there is no mom laying next to me.

My wish…

Your wishful daughter,


Could that be your wishful silence conversation with your Mom?

This month I’m dedicated to Mother’s Month.

Last week, I shared with this number one result. This week I share with you a different perspective. I asked and received the number one result to this question:

If you could be granted one wish, what do you wish for at this very moment?

The number one wish that many people would wish for that their parents are alive.

Most of them wished their Moms are alive right now. That implies they were attached to their Mothers more than their fathers.

I can vouch for that myself.

They are longing to be with their Moms and missing them so much.

I guess it doesn’t matter how old we are, many of us are always miss our parents.

The greatest gratitude is for our parents.

Have you ever gotten mad at your Mother?

Sometimes our mom made us so mad that we wanted to give her a timeout and send her to the corner of a room. But we couldn’t do that. She’s a grown up woman.

Did you said things to her that you are regretted?

Scars from physical injury could be vanished, but the emotional scars could permanently scar her and have her feeling bitter for the rest of her life.

So hold your tongue.

In my culture, we’re taught to respect our parents as the Gods in the house because they gave birth, raise us to be good and grown-up persons despite all odds.

For many of us are very fortunate to have awesome parents who love us so dearly and always risking their own lives to protect us.

Some time we do not realize how important our parents are in our lives until they’re no longer with us.

If your parents are still alive, may I remind you to do as much as you can to bring smile and joy to them. You never know when the last time you’ll see that pretty smile on their faces, hear the voices come from their mouths, or see their eyes looking at you.

We all know this yet don’t you forget it, many times? We get caught up in powers, desires, battles, etc…

We thought there is always next time.

Once they are gone, you can’t press on a rewind button to go back in time. You can cry a river, scream loud like the thunder, pray or have all the money you have, there is no make up time for the lost of your loved ones.

A part of living a fulfilling life is to create the paradise within. That is to live a life with no regrets in this moment.

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