Today is Friday and is the first day of 2021.
To me…
It’s another day I’m given a chance to live.
It’s another day to live life to the fullest as I possibly can.
It’s a day to take actions to make my dreams become reality.

It’s another day I’m given another chance to share my life with other people and things.

It’s another day to see my beautiful family.
It’s another day to share my day with wonderful beings.
It’s another day to be curious, explore, and discover new things.

It’s another day I get to see a new beautiful day unfolding.

It’s another day I’m blessed to experience living life with freedoms…
To talk
To walk on my own two feet,
To see with my own pair of eyes,
To hear things,
To hold the spoon and feed myself.
To go places, be and do.

It’s another grateful day to be who I am that I am.

May all of us have a healthy, prosperous, fruitful and beautiful each and every day of our lives!

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