Happy Independence’s Day To You!

In The United States Of America, we’ve so many reasons to celebrate on July 4th and everyday!

THANK YOU! to those who had and continue to sacrifice your life and resources so that we can enjoy our Independence and Freedoms as a nation and individually!

Freedoms and independence flow from global to individual person fulfillment…You…Myself.

On this very independence day, I’ve so many reasons that I’m grateful, happy and celebrate for so many things I’ve earned and given to this moment in life and more in the days to come.

I said earned because before I can enjoy today as I’m writing this, I had made sacrificed, fought hard and worked very damn hard for my own individual FREEDOMS and independence. I mentioned a little of it in my first book here.

I’m sure you did for yours as well!

5 Simple Reasons To Be Happy, Celebrate and Grateful For:

👍 Happy to live in a home where you feel love regardless of the size, apartment, condo, castle or whatever, the look or location.

There are so many people in this world who are yearning to have a place of belonging, but they aren’t allow to have to do so.
There is a saying in Cambodian that goes something like this…

“It’s fine to live in a tiny home as long as it’s not crapping.”

Crapping refers to unhappiness and emotional suffocation or oppression.

👍 Happy you’ve the freedom to express your communication.

Not only that, you’ve so many options to express your speech. It’s quite overwhelm.
Here are a few examples, social media (Facebook, Youtube etc.), snail mail, voice, audio, video, combination of all of them.
You get in the car or the good old fashion way is just walk to visit your loved ones and friends near by.

There are people as you’re reading this at this moment have none of them.

👍 Happy to live on a land where it is peaceful and safe.
Many people live in places in this world where people are yearning to have peace.
Peace of mind and peace in the environment.

👍 Happy to have the abundance of foods available to buy at grocery stores (online and offline) the finger tips, within walking distance or driving distance.

How cool is that!

Mother Nature is beyond amazing of providing us with the capability to produces all the resources we enjoy each day of our lives.  Sometimes, we take for granted what the earth can do for us.

There are millions of people on this planet who are starving at this moment. They live on land, but they aren’t able to grow anything. In some case, they are able to grow vegetable and livestock, but they are prohibited from eating them.

Tea with fresh Jasmine flower and home-grown ripe cucumbers Mom’s Home-grown ripe cucumbers and sliced it into desserts with coconut milk

👍 Happy that you live, have and surround by people who care, have compassion, accept and love you for who you are!

There are millions of people who would love to trade place with you at this very moment.

We’re so blessed to enjoy all of these and more…

To those of you who live outside of America, Happy Independence to you and family as well!
And if you’re seeking for your Independence and fighting for your freedoms, continue to seek and fight for your freedoms.
I hope someday soon, you gain your freedom!

Happy July 4th to you and all your loved ones!

Posted with happiness, peace of mind, independence and freedoms while sipping my favorite tea…:-)