Dream Beyond Foundation Christmas Gala 2016

You are probably wishing and desire that your wishes would come true. At the same time, you might feel reluctant, fear or scare to make your wishes because you think it’s too small, too big or impossible to attend.

Either way, you are right. So why not just let your wishes run as Forrest Gump stared by the famous movie-star, Tom Hawk.

Wishes are dreams of your heart and soul. Free them! After all, no one knows or could hear the dreams you have in your head or how you feel, right?

So you think…

There are people, fairies and angels who could help make your dreams come true if you dare to dream.

If you believe me, you are even more inspired and are closer to make your dreams become your reality. If you don’t believe me, I hope that by the time you finish reading this post, your mind is open to see the possibilities that could bring a delightful smile on your face.

I’m going to share with you a story about a couple who makes their dreams come true. Now, this husband and wife’s team is making other people’s dreams come true too – their ways!

But wait…

First, there is a story behind the story. A few months ago, I asked Nancy Lee, The President of Dream Beyond Foundation (DBF), what the organization is about. She told me briefly and said, “Come to our Annual Christmas Gala in December to find out more.”

I said yes to the invitation after hearing the story behind DBF which you’ll read about it below.

I thought the Gala was going to be a fun and meaningful one. I was wrong. Not only it was fun, but it was also one party to remember! And I have these pictures to prove.

You see, shortly after arriving at the party, my friend and I wanted to take a picture together. We asked a cute, Angel girl with her personality bigger than herself (in a good way) to take our picture using our phones. We handed our phones to her. I stood first in front of the backdrop.

As my friend was about to join me, the little girl directed me, “No, wait, wait. Don’t stand with the boring posts!”

Without skipping a beat, she showed me what the boring post looked like – shoulders slump forward with a sad face.

She proceeded on with no hesitation, “I show you! Put your hand here. This hand goes here. Turn your legs like this. There! Like that! And stand there, OK!”

I felt like a puppet on the strings for the first time. Her actions made me laugh hysterically!

Clicked! This is the shot I was ordered to freeze. I never had a picture with both hands on my hips. Never say Never!

The party continued on to more interesting activities. There were a variety of shows. Fire dancers were awesome. Seeing the seniors danced Cambodian traditional dance and smiling ear-to-ear was priceless!

People were amazingly friendly. Women were sexy!  Sotheary Ortego is in a black dress (picture by Nancy Lee).

Everyone seemed to enjoy socializing, dancing, many old people were smiling and laughing. Nobody was wasted and under intoxication!

A seven-course meal, soft drinks, and entertainment priced for $20 person for advanced RSVP or $35 at the door. I honestly don’t think the fee covered for the expenses.

In this picture below is my Angel, Arissa, whom I’m talking about. Just take a look at her post! One leg is lifting up too! She could be a perfect model! She’s so natural and is a sweetheart.  I’m so stiff like a lamppost just thinking about this post. 🙂  Can you post for a picture like her?

Arissa, the little sweet Angel. Photo: Nancy Lee

Thank you, Nancy and Jame Lee, and everyone who made the event possible for fantastic fun and entertaining night for everyone to enjoy!

The decoration was fanatic! Love it!

And here is a brief story of Dream Beyond Foundation…

Dream Beyond Foundation is a nonprofit organization that consists of three programs: Seniors, youth leadership training and scholarships.

Is Dream Beyond Foundation Trust Worthy?

There are those people who created non-profit organizations for the intention of making money out of nonprofit organizations. You may know or heard many of those kinds.

Then, there are very few non-profit organizations formed purely from the hearts and souls of the founders with the intention to gift back to the communities and humanity. Such organizations are usually founded as the dedications for their loved ones or based on the founders’ humble personal hardships they experienced during their young days.

Seniors danced Khmer Traditional dance.

Dream Beyond Foundation was found for the latter reason – to serves the under-served Cambodian seniors in Long Beach, CA.

Nancy stated, “Dream Beyond Foundation was born because the original Cambodian Seniors Nutrition Center ran out of money. I used to volunteer there for many years. When that happened, I went over with the seniors of the options to go under existing organizations, but they didn’t want to. Then they asked me to take over. I didn’t want to name a foundation that limited to Cambodians or the seniors only, so I came up with DBF.”

There are a variety of activities to keep seniors busy and active. They have dancing exercises on Monday and Friday.

On Wednesday and Thursday, they learn Tai Chi and English as Second Language (ESL). On Tuesday, sometimes they do art, crafts and more dancing. Every second Friday, they have a live band to celebrate the birthday of the month. If that is not enough to keep them busy, sometimes, they have two field trips yearly to different places. Plus, they get to attend community functions.

One full lunch with Khmer food is only $2.25 per person!

With those kinds of activities, Cambodian foods and no cooking, sign me up! It gives me good reasons to look forward to my golden years. 🙂

The activities help them to release stress and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), so that they feel a sense of belonging.

Nancy mentioned that it hurt her terribly when she found out the Cambodian old folks survived the starvation and inhumane experiences during genocide Khmer Rouge regime, only to kill themselves here in America. They live at a place where there is no bombs dropping from the sky and lots of foods are available. She just didn’t understand.

It is the battle of the inner and mental mind. The generation gaps between the old folks, their children, and grand-kids, the environment are among the reasons contributing to the seniors suicidal.

Who Are Nancy and James Lee?

Who in the world is Nancy Lee? Nancy Lee is:

  • An Amazon number one bestseller co-author of Journeys To Success: 20 Empowering Stories Inspired By The Principles of Napoleon Hill.
  • A philanthropist.
  • The president of Dream Beyond Foundation.
  • The host of Nancy Lee Show on KhmerTV to awareness, preserving the Khmer culture and connecting the old and the new generations.
  • A licensed Facilitator for Path4Teens through Laurie Beth Jones and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens with Franklin Covey. She has taught the leadership program in Cambodia and in Southern California.
  • A wife who loves her unconventional husband.
  • A caring mother of two beautiful daughters.
  • Witty and a very compassionate being.
  • Just too sexy! LOL

    Sokha and Nancy

My unconventional husband is so generous and humble. His name is James Lee. Most people call him Jim,” when I asked Nancy to described her husband.

She continues, “Everything about him is unconditional. He believes that everything you put your whole heart in doing whatever it is and do it with passion. He doesn’t like to get recognition for his work because he believes God is behind everything. That’s why I love him dearly.

Sometimes, she calls him, “My prince charming.

Once, I met Mr. James Lee who appeared very peaceful, happy, and smiling genuinely as he was sitting in a wheelchair while his princess was wheeling him. He is a Korean American with a small frame and thin figure. He was fully alert, mindful, a deep and strategic thinker. Nancy introduced us, and we shook hands.

You know, how some times you could tell about a person when you’re shaking his hand and listen to his speech? Mr. Lee’s voice was soft-spoken. His handshake was firm with lots of caring and compassion.

James and Nancy Lee are the founders of the Summit Foundation in Cambodia, which provides shelters for children from remote rural areas of Cambodia to attend a private school in Phnom Penh. Moreover, it provides scholarships to high school graduates and teaches the youth leadership program. They’ve built three school buildings in three provinces in Cambodia.

Nancy and James didn’t just wake up one day, and Genie magically made all their dreams come true overnight. They worked hard and fought courageously against all odds.

They stand firmly in themselves.

Were they ever scared to death when facing challenges that seemed too paramount for them?

I’m sure they had plenty of stories to tell. Nancy probably had situations that terrified the wits out of her, cried a river, and tired to death countless times during the Pol Pot regime, refugee camps, and working at four jobs to raise her two daughters!

Determination, sacrifices, hope, humble, asking for help, and never give up on their dreams are a few highly effective practices that I’ve noticed the successful dreamers and entrepreneurs possess.

Nancy and James Lee have those characters. You have those quality characters within you too!

It is OK for you to dream, even while other people are laughing in-your-face. In such a case, get even with them: Smile, walk away and hold your dreams tight and close to your heart. Then, you must sacrifice to take the right and ethical actions to make your dreams come true.

Deep within you, you know your dream is not too small, too big or impossible.

The Higher Above (however you prefer to call God, Spiritual etc.) has a way of delivering your wishes unannounced if you keep an open mind and heart not just for yourself but for other people too.

Your helpers, mentors, counselors, teachers, masters and Angels (i.e. my photo choreographer Angel) could be beside you.

Just Dream Beyond…

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