I’ll reveal with you the #1 shocking survey result if you are this type of a mother. 

We all have fears, insecurity, people we don’t like and more. If you can get rid of one thing or person permanently with no regret, what would that be?

That was the question I asked a group of women. Their number one answer will shocked you. At least, it shocked me!

You see, I didn’t know there was such a thing as Mother’s Day before I came to America. But then there were and still are lots of things I don’t know about.

Once I learned what Mother’s Day is about, I thought, well how wonderful for people to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Quickly, I also learned that Mother’s Day celebration is one of the most commercialized days. In away that the true celebration of the day itself bury or not having so much meaning to the recipients.

It’s became the day of “I’ve to buy Mom something or else I won’t look good in other people eyes. Or else she would get mad.” The list goes and on.

Just take a look at the following some interesting statistics about Mother’s Day and you might get some ideas.

What people spend on Mother’s Day $ IN USA
Eating out $2.9 billion
Jewelry $ 2.5 billion
Gift Certificate Cards $1.5 billion
Clothing and Accessories $1.3 billion
Flowers $1.9 billion
Personal Service (massage etc.) $933 million
Electronics or computer related accessories $906 million
Housewares or gardening tools $571 million
Greeting cards $671 Million
Books or CDs $430 Million
The average amount American consumers will spend on mom for Mother’s Day $168.94
Total amount of money that will be spent for mothers on Mothers Day $20.7 billion

2015 data

Can the combined amount of money above buy your mother’s love?

So then let’s us ask, what does Mother’s Day mean to “you”?

I hope you have good memories of your mom. If for any reasons you have no memory or don’t want to remember your mother at all, I hope you find one good reason about your mom.


The number one answer women want to get rid of is their own birth mother or mother-in-law.


They claimed that their own mothers gave them nothing but pain and miserable, called them all sort of names and didn’t love them. Some of those women were physically and mentally abused by their mothers.

To my horrify, they were rapped, physical and mentally abused by the men whom their moms dated or remarried. Their own mothers were watching while the men were abusing them!

It’s so hard for me just write about this. 🙁

At first, I was totally shocked. It never crossed my mind that anyone would want to get rid of her mother.

Then a sense of sadness and anger came over me as I was reading the responses from the women.

I keep an open minded believing there are  always two sides to every story.

Then a sense of understanding and reasoning behind the result submerged. It’s rather a very complex and rooted deeply a long time ago as far as during childhood or generations back.

In my opinion, I don’t believe most people honestly know the reality what it takes to raise children and be the best parents they can be. Most importantly, they might have no long term visions of the hash realities an individual has to endure and go through out the livelihood until the challenges smack them right in the face.

Perhaps you notice this too. Some people when they see other people have adorable kids, instantly they want to have one or a few too.

thanksfor allthatyou do

Cacti flowers are grown by my Mom and are her favorite flowers.

Looking from a society point of view, from where I grew up, arrange marriages were very common. Both sides of the parents were the matchmakers for their children. People got married very young in their teenage years. The kids had kids and the cycle continues.

If you are not married and have kids, then you are sort of not normal. Who want to be an odd person?

In some cases, the real challenges arrive after the husbands die. Now, the responsibilities and burdens shift solely onto the wives.

Being a mom, especially raising children alone by herself, isn’t easy!

It’s Insanely difficult!

I’m going to share one of my mother’s stories with you. To make a long story short, my mother has been a single mother since she was in her very early thirties. My father said to Mom that he’d seen too many men who married to the single mothers. The men abused the children from the first marriage.

Yes, there are some wonderful step-fathers out there. Kudos to you!

He told my mom not to remarried after he died. Our mother never remarried to these days.

In away, I sometimes thought that was selfish of him. If he were her, would he gave up not married another woman? I doubt him.

For Mom not to remarried or have another man in her entire life is a HUGE sacrifice for us. That is one mother’s love that not too mothers in this world would sacrifice their lives.

And I’m grateful and blessed to be her girl.

I’d never heard Mom complains even today how difficult it was for her to raise us. She did hard labor work which some men didn’t even dare to do. 

That is how much she loves and dedicates her life for us. She said she is happy and has done her job as a mother knowing her children are safely and happy.

Should you be like my mother?

No, I’m not suggest you should sacrifice your life to your children like our mother did for us. My mother came from an old school. Today society has changed since her time. Many women are single-mothers.

I won’t even attempt to say I understand what you are going through, have to do to raise your children and stay alive daily. I could not imaging how difficult is it for you coping mentally and physical what life has thrown your way. My respect and compassion go out to you.

No, it’s not fun when you are the only one who has to get up every two hours to feed the baby at night, take them to daycare and to schools.

Yes, it is emotionally painful and torn you apart when you are at events when you see other kids have their fathers with them, except yours.

Yes, it’s painful when a few not so good men give you a hard time and disrespect you being a single mother.

On a side note, if you are a man reading this, and you are one of those men, please change your behavior and actions toward women. Would you treat your very own mother any other ways than respect, caring and love her?

The reasons go on…

Do, however, if I may suggest though that you’re aware of your decisions of a man you are dating or considered allowing him to walk through your door and introduce him to your children. Your children are innocent. And you deserve a better and happier life with them as you raise them to be the fine, responsible and good grown up adults.

There are things and people, situations and people worthy of sacrificing ourselves for. And then there are those, you are better off not having them around in your life. Every decision you make now has causes and effects into the future, good and not so good.


Our mother knew clearly. I am blessed to have our lovely mom who has been a father figure as well. I won’t trade my mom for any other mother in the world!

What does our mom always ask and want everyday from us?

Knowing that we are at peace, safe and happy makes her very happy. She wants us to be good persons and have compassion to ourselves and those around us.

She never asks for materialistic things. When we buy her stuff, she would say that she has too many things already…Save your money.

Oh yes, we hear these questions from her daily, sometimes multiple times, “Did you eat yet? Don’t stay up too let?”

Does your mother do that to you too?

It’s all Mother’s LOVE. 🙂 🙂

Arrrh, once she is a mother, she will always be a mom for life! 🙂

Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to say Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom.

Love, give respect and do little things everyday for your mother. Everyday she lives, her days are cut shorter and your days too. You’ll never know when her last day is…

If you are a mom or will be a mother in the future, be the best and the only Moma your children would be so proud to call “Mom” or “Mother”. Be a mother whom your kids want to be around and cherish when they think of you… “My Mom…”

Most of all, be the best Mother you can be and proud of yourself! 

Let your love closes the gaps between you and your children.
Do that and you’ll live a fulfilling life fully alive. The Paradise Within is created by you in this moment.

Mother knows best.


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