An Unopened Letter To My Father:  What Makes You The Best Dad❣️

I don’t know much, but this much I know…

Since the first time I set my eyes on you,
you’re the only primary man I’m always in love with.

You’re the only man who has earned my utmost respect.
You’re my greatest Sage.
You’re my best friend.

You’ve counseled and taught me life greatest knowledge and skills.
And no one can ever take them away from me.

You’re my everything!

Your love for me, no men on this earth can be compared.
Your caring for me is unwavering…
You’re a devoted father… like a Daddy pigeon protects and loves his young.

When you cradle me, your touch is so gentle… like a butterfly lands on a flower in our garden.
I could feel your warmness love… so genuinely.

Your voice is so soothing.
The way you talk with me… like a sweet lullaby.
I want to listen to your voice, especially when you tell me stories.

When I touch your face and look into your eyes,
oh how sweet and lovely those eyes of yours…They’re smiling at me.

And when you smile at me, not only your face lights up…like a firefly brightens up the dark night,
your soul smiles brightly too.

I love the silly side of you even more…

When I poke my tiny fingers…
in your eyes,
in your nose,
and pulled your ears,
you still smile…

And when I try to out-smart you,
you smile even bigger!

You let me win…
Oh, I wonder who’s fooling who?

You’ve embedded in me
and showed me the true colors of love…
You evoke in me the deepest of feeling real emotions.

You give me your truest love.
You share with me your purest unconditional love.
You give me your best.
The fact is…

You give me all of you and more…purely.

I’m blessed to have you for my father.
I’m the luckiest a little girl to receive your love and so much more…

I won’t trade our relationship for anything in the world… (Well, maybe for all the candies three times the size of the earth…haha :-)).

Seriously for you, Daddy…
I reserve a special place for you in my heart.
You’re in my heart…forever.

I love you then.
I love it now.
And I will always love you❣️

Happy Father’s Day to you, my one and only Daddy❣️

From your forever little girl… 🙂

P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers! And if you are a single Mom doing the father duties, Yes, you are included!