As women, we have to stand for ourselves because that is the only best option for us.


  • Who said or going to say what to us verbally or silently in their heads,
  • How many times they told or will tell us we couldn’t or can’t,
  • We’re a 3-foot tall, 7 foot tall or any heights in between,
  • We have small or large breasts from sizes A cup to 48V bras,
  • How we look,
  • How much money or power we have,
  • Where we live,
  • The situation you’re in,
  • If we don’t care, love, honor, respect and own our values being women, we don’t and won’t have anyone stand by us.

Your man (and some other men) will step all over you if you hesitate or don’t stand firmly being a woman.

You can say IFs or BUTs all you want. At the end of the day when your head lies on your soft pillow, you face the reality alone.

Don’t be shy or fear because you’re a woman.

So step into your majestic being femininity!


💞 Care, love, honor, respect and listen to your feminine needs!

👍 Take risks.

👍 Speak up for yourself and other women when possible.

👍 Shut up when you need to.

👍 No need to compete against other women in order to get what you want.

👍 Be kind and compassionate to other women.

👍 Admit your mistake if you made the mistake.

Those are just a few suggestions that we all can start doing now.

As women, you and I, we know deep within our hearts that we are more capable, have the power, will and wisdom uniquely gifted to us to be the women than we give credits for ourselves.

Look, the reality is we put up and can bare going through the monthly menstrual period for most of our lives. We’re strong women. Some of us have a lot more rough times than others.

We can be a delegate at times like a drop of the morning dew on a leave, or we can be strong like the strong current in a mad a river.

We can be rough like an unpolished gem, or we can be as elegantly as the polished stones❣

Nonetheless, we’re women.

The fact is we are not perfect!

On a personal note, I don’t know what a perfect woman means or looks like because I have not known a single perfect human being from inside out in my entire life.

If someone tells you he/she is a perfect person, run as fast as you can and don’t ever look back!

We have to accept or know ourselves being women what we can or cannot do. For example, I cannot lift 75 pounds (34 KG), and I need to ask for help.

Is there a secret to be happy a woman?

Yes and No in addition to what I mentioned above.

❤ Yes, if you’ve not aware of your own power until you’re reading this now.

No, if you’ve been neglected your feminine power and let other people be the remote control over your decisions and life.

  • You gave up to fight for what are your birthrights.
  • You lost touch with yourself knowing you’re a woman.

☮ In either case, now is the right time to take the small and right actions that contribute to your meaningful and happy life that you always want to have.

Begin with care, love, honor, respect and own our values (bad and good) being a woman.

I can go on and on…You’re a smart woman. You know you don’t need me to tell you that. But if you just need assurance, know you got your assurance from me.

You understand what I’m trying to say here.

The truth is that we’re born women. We might as well be the damn best women that we can be, comfortably and naturally in our own femininity bodies and minds.

When we die someday, leave proudly knowing we’ve lived fully, complete our missions, happy, and free from any regrets that we’re women.

I know I will be.

It does not matter base on who set the standards of what a woman should be, can do this or that, I own my feminine body and mind.

Thank you to all the women who have stood by me!

I’m grateful for all the wonderful things I have.

I am a female with freedoms; therefore, I’m a happy and peaceful woman.

Celebrate woman’s day today and every day for as long as you’re alive❣ 🙂