Me: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom and hugs her.

Mom: Everyday is Mother’s day to me. Just do good and treat each other well everyday while we’re alive.

We love my street smart Mother! 💜

❤️ This poem is for YOU…

All Mothers and Fathers who are doing parenting duties. 

A mother’s love is pure,

A bond that endures, forevermore,

A mother’s love is selfless and kind,

A light that guides us, through darkest times.

On this day, we honor and celebrate,

The mothers who make our lives so great,

Their love, their care, their sacrifices,

Their unwavering support through life’s crises.

But for some, this day brings pain,

A reminder of loss, a void that remains,

For those who don’t have a mother figure,

The absence of love can feel so much bigger.

But know that love comes in many forms,

Aunts, grandmas, sisters, friends who perform,

A motherly role in our lives,

Providing love, guidance, and advice.

And for those who walk this path alone,

Know that you are strong, and you have grown,

You are loved, valued, and cherished too,

With resilience and strength, you’ll make it through.

For every mother, whether near or far,

Their love remains, a shining star,

A bond that transcends time and space,

A love that will never be replaced.

So, on this Mother’s Day, let us all remember,

The love of our mothers, an eternal ember,

Let us celebrate the power of love,

And thank our mothers, with all that we are made of.

On this Mother’s Day, let us remember

The love that you give us every day

For it’s stronger than any other,

And it guides us along life’s way.

Your sacrifices and devotion

Are gifts that we cherish so dear,

And we thank you with all our emotion

For being a mother so sincere.

So here’s to you, our beloved mother,

And to all the Mothers

May your day be as special as you,

And know that we love you like no other,

Today and every day anew.

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