TPW15: How To Overcome Childhood Darkest Pains And Suffering – Rebecca Hall Gruyter

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Are you going through childhood pains and suffering or wounds from the past? 

Rebecca-headshotThe Paradise Within Show’s special guest today is Rebecca Hall Gruyter. Rebecca has the heart to help you see the amazing gift for who you are today. That there is no one in the world just like you.

Where She Had Been:

Rebecca Hall Gruyter came from a dis-empower place. Rebecca was living in an abusive environment. Her cry for help was not believed. Which led her to believe that she was not loved. She wasn’t matter to anyone. Her shelf worth was undoubtedly at an all time low in her mind. Rebecca carried those emotions into her adulthood. Until she decided enough is enough.

Find out how and what drawn her out of hiding in the darkness to bravely steps out into light.

To hear what Rebecca Hall Gruyter says next about finding your paradise withing, download and listen to TPW15: How To Overcome Childhood Darkest Pains – Rebecca Hall Gruyter.

To connect with Rebecca Hall Gruyter, check out her website below and remember she welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries!

Rebecca Hall Gruyter’s website (Your purpose driven practice dot com)

Here are the highlights of TPW15: How To Overcome Childhood Darkest Pains – Rebecca Hall Gruyter if you are in a hurry:

1:52 What drives Rebecca to set her heart and soul to do what she loves doing and getting paid at the same time.

4:40 What was the experience that robbed her childhood and made her felt unwanted or unloved? And what you can learn from painful experiences.

9:15 How Rebecca finds peace of mind during the challenge moment.

12:58 How to stop reliving in childhood darkest pains

15:44 The two things she suggests you should do if you are going through childhood pains and suffering.

17:32 The one thing Rebecca Hall Gruyter to create her Paradise Within.

Personal Note:
There is something in Rebecca’s laugh. I believe she has beautiful laugh. Hearing her laughing, I feel like I’m listening to a pure, innocent little girl laughing full of love in her heart and soul. Do you sense the same thing as I do too?

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