Have you challenged yourself lately?

There are times when stretching ourselves a little more is a good thing in order to reap the benefits if we dare to challenge ourselves.

You know that I’m on a vegetarian challenge for 100 days if you’ve been following me. I’m on another challenge.

This time is the writing challenge. Do you know how fearful that is?

Copy Chief (CC) is an online member community teaching people how to write copywrite. It runs by a Comedian turned copywriter named Kevin Rogers. He is pretty close to John Carlton and some other top copywriters.

There are some amazing copywriters in this community. You can ask for advice on your piece of copy, short or long sales letters etc. If you dare to put yourself out there and be criticized by the peers that is.

So we are challenged to write email every single weekday to the list for one month. You’ll be getting an email from me for one month.

This email challenge is inspired by this dude named Ben Settle’s “Email Players” newsletter.

The main idea of this challenge is that when you write for 30 days, it provokes neurochemical which create the flow ideas that you never thought you have. Your writing is supposed to be improved as a writer.

I never done writing every day for 30 days.

Not too long ago, the idea of letting people read my writing was like letting them see me when I just get up in the morning and go straight to attend a wedding reception!

Heck no! It’s embarrassing! If you are not used to writing, you know what I’m talking about.

So instead, I like to write things in my head everyday.

Wait, that does not count. LOL

Until I had to organize my thoughts and published my first book. I’m still not comfortable with writing. I don’t think I’ll ever be.

In fact, I used not to like writing because I didn’t know what to write.

Or I know what I want to write, but then I start to say things to myself like, “That does not sound good. It is not right. It doesn’t flow right and is grammatical wrong. Who would write or say things like that? Who on earth wants to read my writing?”

The self sabotage goes on and on…Before I’m done with criticizing myself, the train of thoughts disappear and nothing has ever written.


This challenge is a great accountability. It’s time to kick my own butt into writing. The time is right aligning with other things I’ve going on.

It’s time to unleash my thoughts and knowledge I’ve learned and share them with you and the world.

You’ll read more from me, the imperfections and all. Know that it’s genuine from my heart!

I invite you to come along to do this writing challenge. If you don’t have a list, you write it and save each piece daily. Just write like no body reads it.

Or perhaps you have been wanting to challenge yourself to do something for a long time, but you’ve not done it yet. The time is never on our side.

The question is then, are you dare to challenge yourself? 

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